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Halo Recruit VR Experience Releases Today

Halo Recruit VR Experience Releases Today

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A couple of months ago we reported that Microsoft will be releasing a Halo VR experience for their upcoming Windows mixed reality platform. Now we officially know that this is coming true as Microsoft just announced that they’ll be releasing Halo Recruit VR experience for all Windows VR headsets today, October 17th.

Halo Recruit will be a free experience for all Windows VR users. As to what we can expect… we aren’t quite sure yet other than that it’s designed to be a VR experience that shows the possibilities of the franchise. We believe that this will be a brief demo that explores the potential of the Windows VR platform. Halo Recruit was developed by 343 Industries which is still developing the Halo games.

Below are the release dates for the upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets:

Samsung Odyssey – November 6th for $499

Dell Visor – October 17th for $449

Lenovo Explorer – October 17th for $399

Acer Mixed Reality – October 17th Headset for $399

HP Mixed Reality Headset – October 17th for $449

Asus Mixed Reality Headset – 2018 for TBD

Halo Recruit is available for free starting today on the Dell Visor mixed reality headset. The headset itself is available today for $449.

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