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Groove Gunner VR To Make Its Long Awaited Debut

Groove Gunner VR To Make Its Long Awaited Debut

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One of the developers for BitCutter Studios has recently announced that Groove Gunner is nearing completion.

Groove Gunner is a VR rhythm game where you blast targets and block bullets accurately timed to beats with matching visual effects, while playing through songs from a variety of musical artists and genres.

On Reddit, the developer stated the following:

We’ve been working on Groove Gunner for a little over a year now. Being a musician and a game developer, thought it was the perfect fit. We wanted to focus on getting a variety of musical genres so we allowed artists to submit their music. We picked fourteen songs that we thought would be fun to jam out to in VR. We are sharing the games revenue with featured artists and have plans on adding more as we evolve.

One of the biggest features of the game is the song editor. We worked really hard to develop a fantastic, feature rich and easy to use editor for the game. We are using that same editor to implement the featured songs. You can create everything the game requires (targets to shoot, bullets to block, some other surprises we haven’t quite finished yet) and also control all elements of the stage, lighting, colors, imported images, etc.

The main mechanic of the game is shooting and blocking. Often switching from one to the other in quick succession, it’s a rush. We have 4 difficulty levels for each song and completing each difficulty for each song will earn you collectable in-game records.


  • Accuracy and Movement – Accurately timed and aimed shots feel satisfying and natural. A mix of shooting targets and blocking bullets makes you feel like a true hero while you move, shoot and block to the beat.
  • Visually Clean and Exciting – Each song in the game has a custom light and stage show with assets from musical artists such as album covers, live footage, and images. The perfectly timed stage show accents and amplifies each song.
  • Something for Every Player – With multiple difficulties and music genres, Groove Gunner makes sure there is plenty of gameplay for every type of player from beginner to expert.
  • Full Song and Level Editor – The same editor that we use to put in our featured songs will be available to all owners of the game. The editor is intuitive and powerful, and any artist can put their own music in Groove Gunner!

Groove Gunner is expected to launch this quarter in 2020 on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. What are your thoughts about the upcoming game?

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