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Google Tilt brush Is Now Available On The Oculus Rift

Google Tilt brush Is Now Available On The Oculus Rift

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Google and Facebook owned Oculus have been at odds over the past year in the virtual reality industry where Google resisted publishing any of their content for the Rift headset. This was the fact even after the Oculus launched their Touch controllers. The newly released motion tracked controllers would’ve made it feasible to use the Tilt Brush application on the Rift headset. So with the silence from Google, Oculus launched their own VR painting application called Quill. This allowed the Rift users the freedom to paint in VR, just like how Vive users used Google Tilt Brush to create virtual reality illustrations. Quill and Tilt Brush are similar in many ways but have their own distinct features as well. But this all changes today as the two companies dropped their odd quarrel and made Tilt Brush available for the Oculus Rift.

For the cheap price of $29.99, you’ll be able to access Tilt Brush using your Rift headset and Oculus Touch controllers. Google has made the VR application available on both the Steam and Oculus store. While the application was free for HTC Vive, Tilt Brush will come at a cost for Rift users. The pricing issue is all comparable as you’ll be seeing additions for Tilt Brush on the Oculus Rift.

In order to make it easier to paint using Rift while seated and facing forward, we recently added features that let you rotate and resize your work.

We redesigned interactions to take advantage of the Oculus Touch controllers. For example, you can easily highlight which button you’re touching on the controller and get an indication of what it does just by resting your finger on it. This makes it easy to see exactly what button you’re about to press while using Tilt Brush.

Painting isn’t just visual. Thanks to the Rift’s built in headphones, you’ll be fully immersed from the moment you enter Tilt Brush’s virtual canvas. Different brushes create different sound effects, and they become a vivid part of the experience through your headphones. We love using audio reactive mode with Rift headphones and seeing strokes come to life with light and sound.

Tilt Brush was first launched on the Vive platform due to HTC being the only major provider of motioned tracked controllers in VR. The Vive controllers allowed users to paint in the virtual world in its room scale setting. Oculus wasn’t able to host the VR application because the Rift headset did not come compatible with motion tracked controllers. Rather, Oculus first launched the Rift headsets with Xbox One controllers.

Rift owners will now be able to enjoy what HTC Vive users have been raving about in Tilt Brush. We hope to see some other Google VR applications like YouTube VR be available on the Vive and Rift headsets in the future. It’s currently exclusive to their Daydream platform and PlayStation VR.

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