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Google I/O 2017: Tango, AR, and More

Google I/O 2017: Tango, AR, and More

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Google’s foray into AR with Lenovo has been public knowledge for the past few years now, and has been in the works since 2013. During the keynote speech at their I/O 2017 Conference  this week, Google had three huge AR announcements for the upcoming year.

1. Second Generation Asus ZenFone AR

The second generation Asus ZenFone with Tango is set for release this summer. It features a smaller, more modern design, similar to today’s smartphone.

2. Google Visual Positioning Service

Google’s new Visual Positioning Service (VPS) that couples AR tightly to the real world. The new technology was developed in conjunction with Google Maps that essentially takes GPS indoors. Fully functioning currently, VPS enables users to locate items inside of stores or community spaces. According to the keynote speech, “VPS works today in partner museums and select Lowe’s stores. We think VPS will be powerful in a variety of scenarios. For instance, imagine how precise location enabled by VPS, combined with audio interfaces, could help visually-impaired people navigate through the world.”

“While GPS is great for getting you to the storefront,” said Google, “with VPS your device can direct you right to the item you’re looking for once inside.”

3. Expeditions gets AR Mode

Google launched Expeditions, a tool for teachers to take classes on VR field trips two years ago, with already 2 million student users. Later this year, Expeditions will get an AR mode that “enables the ultimate show and tell right in the classroom.” By placing digital objects in the real world, students can explore volcanos, DNA, and more in the comfort of their own classroom.

Google has said that they’re excited to bring AR, VR, and MR to computing in order to make our lives more enriched, exciting, and functional. The conference is still in full swing today, and ends tomorrow, May 19. As always, we’ll be reporting the latest, breaking news, so stay tuned and check back in soon!

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