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The Google Glass Is Back

The Google Glass Is Back

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Back in 2012 when Google Glass was first introduced, the world was enamored by the new form of technology where HUDs could digitally assist you in daily life scenarios. Commercials for the concept showed the simplicity of the product and how we could take it everywhere we go. But to everyone’s surprise, the product never fully launched at a consumer level.

Now, looking a few years down the road, the project is coming back to life thanks to X. The company has been able to implement the technology and solution in the professional world, re-positioning the solution as the “Glass Enterprise Edition.” The new re-branded product is aimed at changing how enterprise level businesses can use the solution to help create efficiency around the workforce.

google glass enterprise edition

Some of the companies involved in the new program includes: AGCO, DHL, Dignity Health, NSF International, Sutter Health, The Boeing Company, Volkswagen and 47 other companies. The product is billed as a hands-free device, for hands-on workers.” Becoming a partner with X and their Glass Enterprise Edition program gives you access to the Glass device, specialized software solutions and ongoing support at an undisclosed price.

Jay Kothari who is the Glass Project Lead said today on his blog post that this is a “new chapter for Glass.” The workforce will have the ability to read assembly instructions, pull up reports, and more without having to search for it. “Workers in many fields, like manufacturing, logistics, field services, and healthcare find it useful to consult a wearable device for information and other resources while their hands are busy,” said Kothari. “That’s why we’ve spent the last two years working closely with a network of more than 30 expert partners to build customized software and business solutions for Glass for people in these fields.”

Kothari also states that the Glass is practical in the medical industry. “Glass is also helping healthcare professionals. Doctors at Dignity Health have been using Glass with an application our partner Augmedix calls “a remote scribe”. Now, instead of typing on a computer during consultations, they can connect with patients by looking them in the eye, listening as they talk, and asking questions — all with confidence that all the note taking work is being done in the background.”


There were no mentions of updated specs or areas of improvement from their previous generation. We’ll keep you updated on this front.

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