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Google Files New Patent For Integrated Mobile Device Packaging And VR Headset

Google Files New Patent For Integrated Mobile Device Packaging And VR Headset

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Google has certainly been turning heads in the VR industry with the recent introduction of Google Daydream View headset. Functioning on their Pixel smartphones, Google is looking to take over the mobile VR market, regardless of their recent troubles. And to improve their presence in the market, Google has filed a patent which describes an integrated mobile device packaging and virtual reality headset.

new google vr headset patents

The apparatus is comprised of a base portion that is open on the first side. The first and second lenses are disposed within a second side of the base portion. The mobile headset also contains a ledge disposed around a portion of an interior perimeter of the base portion. The ledge is physically configured to support an electronic device (smartphone) from the first side of the base portion. There will be a lid to open and close this container on the second side with a hinge coupling the bastion with the lid.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently awarded this patent to Google.

There’s speculation that this fancy device is intentionally created for the next generation of the Pixel smartphones. However, this is simply a patent and something that Google doesn’t need to follow up on. They have the discretion to create or not create these devices for public use.

The new device itself is similar to other mobile VR headsets, such as that you insert a smartphone to operate the VR headset. The patents also state that these devices can use heavy cardboard material like the ones found on Google Cardboard VR headsets. This will significantly reduce costs and availability. It can almost be viewed as the next generation to the Google Cardboard with improvements in compartments.

“After receiving an electronic device that is packaged and shipped using such an integrated shipping container, a consumer can unpack the electronic device from the integrated shipping container, remove one or more accessories (e.g., cables, etc.), remove (e.g., discard or recycle) any protective packaging materials (such as those described herein), and insert and secure the electronic device in the integrated VR headset in an orientation suitable for viewing a display of the electronic device with the integrated VR headset.”

This will be great packaging by Google for introducing people to VR with a simple purchase of a smartphone.

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