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Vidcon 2017: YouTube Announces VR180 For Content Creators

YouTube has been one of the first platforms to adopt 360 video content. They provide a simplified solution in uploading 360 videos and also allows smartphones to stream this content in an immersive way through solutions such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. Today, during Vidcon 2017, YouTube announced an even more simplified immersive solution with VR180. According to Google, […]

Q1 VR Report: Samsung Gear VR Dominates Market

Today, Business Insider reported that Samsung’s Gear VR took the lion’s share of the VR market in Q1 for 2017 with the shipment of approximately 782,000 headsets according to market intelligence firm SuperData Research. The Gear VR sales more than doubled second place competitor, Sony’s PlayStation VR, which shipped an estimated 375,000 headsets. Meanwhile third-, fourth-, and fifth-place […]

USA TODAY Follows up on their Successful ‘VRtually There’ Series with Season Two 

This morning, USA TODAY announced that they will be releasing Season Two of “VRtually There,” the network’s wildly popular, branded VR news experience.  The new season showcases USA TODAY NETWORK’s cutting edge aesthetic and innovative work in VR storytelling. Season two of “VRtually There” will run from May 9th through July 2017. New segments will be aired […]