Home VR Games Get Ready To Experience A New Chapter In Moss With Quill – Coming To Oculus Quest

Get Ready To Experience A New Chapter In Moss With Quill – Coming To Oculus Quest

Get Ready To Experience A New Chapter In Moss With Quill – Coming To Oculus Quest

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Update: Moss released the Twilight Garden DLC and is now available. Moss will also be available on the Valve Index headset which is set to release on June 28th.

Quill is one of the most lovable characters in VR and Polyarc delivered us a great story through Moss. And the story is not over. The studio announced that they will be expanding the story of Moss with a new chapter called Twilight Garden.

On May 21, with the release of Oculus Quest, players will be able to unlock and explore the Twilight Garden within the VR game. This will be an add-on chapter that comes complimentary with the existing gameplay.

The new chapter will provide additional environments, challenges, and storytelling to players. PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Rift S, HTC Vive, and Windows MR platforms will receive the update this June after the official release on the Quest.

“The Quest is a game changer for the VR industry, and something we’ve been eagerly anticipating as developers specializing in VR content. Its wireless head and hand tracking technology allows full immersion in another world, simply by picking up and putting on a headset, regardless of where you are,” said Josh Stiksma, principal designer, Polyarc. “Now you can explore the whimsical fairytale from home or on the go as you travel, commute, and visit friends or family. In addition, to make this experience even more magical, we’ve updated the game. Players may now discover and explore new content hidden within the world of Moss.”

Twilight Garden Story

Players will discover strange portals woven throughout the existing game. These magical gateways will transport you and Quill to the Twilight Garden, a place unlike any you’ve seen in Moss thus far. The strange and vibrant garden is adorned with Sprite artifacts, making it clear you’re somewhere special that is rarely (if ever…) visited by outsiders. Here you’ll reunite with the familiar toad character from your previous meeting with Rootseer Vada and the Sprites, and you’ll also encounter a mysterious presence that will prepare you for the dangers ahead.

The toad may not trust you at first, but there’s a good chance he’ll turn around as you best the challenges and prove your worth. And as you get to know him, you’ll realize he is alive, and players will have fun feeding him dragonflies, initiating a staring contest, annoying him, and ultimately departing with a cool fist bump.

As a reward for overcoming the challenges within the garden, Quill will receive a new, magical gauntlet and armor set. With the new look, she’ll possess the ability to reveal hidden pathways, allowing her to traverse to areas otherwise unattainable.


Along with the new armor set, the guiding presence within the garden will gift Quill a new sword, allowing her to modify her attack style, making it more directional and allowing for rapid, successive attacks. With the new sword, you’ll observe that Quill’s attacks are more fluid, a testament to her growing skill in combat. In fact, this new weapon handling skillset transfers to Quill’s base sword as well.

Additionally, the sword offers more than a new directional attack style of combat, as you can empower Quill’s new sword with a magical energy charge which enables her to reach far away targets.

But, if you want to continue outside of the Twilight Garden with Quill’s signature green gauntlet and sword, you are given the ability to equip Quill with your preferred weapon and armor. You can download Moss on Steam here.

You can check out our review of the original Moss VR game here.

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