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Get A Taste Of What The Tough Mudder Is All About In This 360 Video


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The Tough Mudder is one of the most popular endurance events throughout the U.S. and some parts of the world for its extravagant designs. It requires, strength, endurance and persistence to finish the course which spans 10-12 miles with 20+ obstacles throughout the journey. The event relies heavily on the natural environment with courses that’s sure to get you a little wet and dirty. But unlike other marathon events, there isn’t a podium for winners or clocks to race against. It’s all relied on finishing and enduring the course.

So far, there’s been 2.5+ million people that have participated in the Tough Mudder with over 200+ events being taken place since 2010. And a lot of the money collected from the events are donated to charity. The company behind the rugged event has raised and donated over $10 million dollars.

“Our course designers and engineers are the most creative, forward-thinking, and maybe even slightly insane team of innovators on the planet. Whether they’re trekking the globe for inspiration, or testing new ideas in the lab, they’re constantly working to make sure our obstacles completely blow your mind.” – Tough Mudder

For the curious minded, VRtually There (A USA Today company) has captured The Toughest Mudder in 360. With this experience, you’ll have a chance to see what it takes to participate in the event including some of the rigorous obstacles set up for the participants. You’ll also see how teams work together to get through the course that’s designed for collaboration. VRtually There has documented about 5 minutes from the course which will be a great starting point for those that are interested in the event. The 360 video will shed a little more light than the conventional 2D video in capturing the moment. Enjoy this experience as it surely does a terrific job in capturing emotions throughout the course. The 360 video starts around 3:04.

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