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Front Defense: Heroes Is A Superior Multiplayer Game With New VR Locomotion

Front Defense: Heroes Is A Superior Multiplayer Game With New VR Locomotion

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HTC has released a new VR game called Front Defense: Heroes, which is developed by Vive Studios’ first party developer Fantahorn Studio. This game is a follow up from Front Defense and will feature an online multiplayer mode where you’ll be able to play with friends and other users.

Front Defense: Heroes will take place in WWII where you get to play as the Axis of Evil or the Allies. Users will be able to challenge players in a 5v5 setting of Team Deathmatch or mission mode on 5 unique maps. Other modes include capture the flag and defense mission mode.

One of the coolest things about this game is that Fantahorn Studio has implemented a new innovative locomotion called V-Move. The studio has recognized that teleporting reduces motion sickness which has been a paint point for VR users. With V-Move you control the movements of your avatar in 3rd person, determining their pathway before being teleported to your final destination. By guiding the avatar as it moves with your controller, players maintain the rhythm and continuity of the game while focusing on the battle at hand.

While V-Move may be unfamiliar, users will be able to quickly adapt to the new controls in VR. Users will be pressing up on your non-dominant trackpad which starts your avatar’s run in 3rd person view. While turning your controller left and right, you will easily be able to change directions.

If the users lets go of the trackpad or your run ends you will return to 1st person view. In addition, while your running in V-Move settings, you will be able to dodge oncoming barrage, jump, and even crawl which allows you to be swift.

Front Defense: Heroes is available today on both Steam and Viveport for a promotional price of $4.99. There is also a Front Defense bundle that you can purchase today for $9.99. All existing owners of Front Defense on Viveport and Steam will receive a free copy of Front Defense: Heroes. In addition, Viveport subscribers can now select Front Defense: Heroes as one of their monthly titles.

This game provides a lot of fun and enjoyment. For a price point of $4.99 its definitely worth a purchase. Let us know your thoughts on the game!

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