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Free Limited Edition Xenko Game Engine Available Through July

Free Limited Edition Xenko Game Engine Available Through July

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Silicon Studio (game makers and middleware pioneers) is celebrating today’s launch of their new Xenko Game Engine, by giving away a free version through July 31, 2017. All users can access the engine’s unrestricted Pro plan at no cost and with no registration requirements until end of July.

Xenko is an open-source game engine with the latest C# scripting and advanced VR tools. “We worked with developers to create a tool that lets them explore their creativity without running into some of the limitations they may find with other game engines,” said Terada Takehiko, CEO of Silicon Studio. “By offering advantages like C# and photorealistic rendering, we’re positioning Xenko as the top choice for creators working in 3D, VR and everything in between.”

Designed by an international team of developers, for developers, Xenko features high-end realistic rendering, multithreading with support for the latest graphic APIs (Vulkan & DirectX 12), nested prefabs, particle effects, a built-in script editor and more.

Xenko has come a long way from its beta version. According to their team, the commercial release, out today, boasts major upgrades such as “including VR support – with features such as binaural audio, single pass rendering, multi-sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA), one-click VR setup – scene streaming management, a pipeline rendering editor, and light probes (a first step to global illumination), along with greatly improved stability.”

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“I’ve been developing with the Xenko engine for over two years now,” said beta user and game developer Filip Dusek, creator of the game “Children of the Galaxy.” “I’m really pleased with the performance and stability of the engine. The renderer is remarkable – both in terms of use and the visual results.”

According to Xenko this, “Represents a new option for developers that want more flexibility from game engines, and this release is just the first step.” Silicon Studio will continue to offer new features and updates, including a much more advanced rendering pipeline editor, a visual scripting system, and more. Xenko is available for PC, and allows developers to build games for Windows, iOS, Android and Xbox One. Silicon Studio says that support for other consoles will be coming soon.

Here is the pricing after July 31st.

Pricing for Xenko is broken into four tiers:
  • Xenko Personal – Free for small studios, personal, and students
  • Xenko Pro – Designed for small to medium-sized studios; $75 per month per user (free until July 31, 2017)
  • Xenko Pro Plus – Designed for larger studios; $150 per month per user
  • Xenko Custom – Available to accommodate teams with a variety of special needs, projects, and requirement

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