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Learn How To Use A Forklift Through This VR Training

Learn How To Use A Forklift Through This VR Training

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VR simulations have become pretty popular over the recent years. We’ve seen how companies such as Google and HTC partner up with large conglomerates to train their employees. One example would be UPS where they use the Vive headset to train their new employees on how to drive their delivery trucks. To propel these efforrts, a company called Univermsiv has launched a specialized program to train corporate employees through VR simulations that boost a team’s performance.

They’ve released a variety of simulations such as the Forklift VR simulator that helps you learn how to operate a traditional forklift. There are step by step guides with clear instructions that help you learn how to operate the tricky machinery.

One of the benefits of learning through a VR simulation is cost. You won’t be required to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a forklift just to train on it. You can simply hop into a VR simulator and practice how to maneuver a forklift. For all we know, you can be doing this in your bedroom with your pajamas on.

Another benefit to VR simulators is its forgiveness. What I mean by that is that you can afford to make mistakes in the simulation without high costs. Say for instance you drop a barrel containing expensive liquids or products, well you won’t need to worry as it’s not real. You can simply just do it over and over again until you master the craft of moving objects from one area to another.

The video exemplifies the benefits of learning through a VR simulator. You’ll be able to use the Oculus Touch controllers to move the handles and position yourself accordingly to the objects. In the video you can see that there are floating instructions that guide you through the whole process. There are also indications on the various levers in case you forget.

This particular VR experience ins’t free but can be purchased through the vendor’s site.

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