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First Look: Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

First Look: Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

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Oculus Go seems to be making its way to developers as they are posting photos of their standalone VR headset devices. In the picture above, you can see the Oculus Go outside the box with the controller. This photo was posted by Jesper Gaarsdal who is a software developer.

On the box itself you can see that it has logos of various experiences and companies. This includes Netflix, The Body VR, Facebook, The New York Times, Fox Sports VR, Hulu, Discover, Jurassic World, Ultrawings, Rush, and Ocean Rift. Surprisingly, the Oculus Go only seems to be coming with 32GB of storage which is quite small.

The Oculus Go will be providing 3DoF experiences powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip. Last year, Oculus stated that they will be selling the Oculus Go headset for $199.

This headset will offer users a way to enter VR without being plugged into the PC nor a mobile device. Oculus Go is an all-in-one package that is set to deliver high quality VR content. The headset is designed with breathable fabrics, adjustable straps, and Oculus’s best lenses.

Oculus will also be working with Xiaomi has a hardware parter for the global launch of the Oculus Go headset. Xiaomi will be releasing their own standalone VR headset in the Chinese market using the Oculus technology.

There isn’t yet a specific release date for the Oculus Go but we get the feeling that it’s just right around the corner as the headset is being revealed more and more.

oculus go unboxed first look

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  1. Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the Oculus Go unboxing. I’m buying it the first day it’s out, whenever that is.


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