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Find Your ‘Blind Spot VR’

Find Your ‘Blind Spot VR’

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Blind Spot by Unlimited Fly Games comes to us with a rich story-driven VR adventure game.

At the start of the adventure you’ll be waking up alone in the storeroom inside the mansion where you’ve been living with your father and younger sister. But upon the first glance you can see that it’s somewhat different from it use to be. But what’s even more weirder will be the text message from a mysterious number that you just received.

Your main task in the game will be to solve various puzzles all throughout the area and explore every detail of your surroundings to find out what really happened.


  • Story-Driven Journey: Immerse yourself in a story about psychological disorder. Explore rooms, find items to reveal what really happened; Follow your heart and decide what is the truth in the end.
  • VR-Exclusive Puzzle Solving: Over 20 puzzles dedicatedly designed for VR interaction. Each is carefully tweaked to balance between difficulty, entertainment and interactivity. And yes! 6 story-independent secret puzzles to reward those who carefully examined every part of the game.
  • Realistic Experience: Traverse over 20 rooms in the mansion; Top-level graphics in VR makes you feel just there. The music made by Pantawit Studio will makes you even more immersed than ever.

Blind Spot VR is available for the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. If you are into mystery games, this might be worth your while.

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