Home AR News Facebook Now Offers AR Overlays On The New ‘Messenger Day’ Feature With Big Similarities To Snapchat

Facebook Now Offers AR Overlays On The New ‘Messenger Day’ Feature With Big Similarities To Snapchat

Facebook Now Offers AR Overlays On The New ‘Messenger Day’ Feature With Big Similarities To Snapchat

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Snapchat is one of the hottest social apps today with people constantly uploading stories to their feed. One of its attractive points is the ability to overlay your pictures with digital images. Facebook took a spin on this concept and launched a similar resolve called Instagram Stories where people could instantly post short videos with AR overlays on to Instagram. And today, they have implemented this AR technology on Facebook through their messenger app called ‘Messenger Day.’

Messenger Day is used in a similar fashion to Snapchat where you hit a button to activate the camera. Once activated, you proceed to take a picture or video with Facebook’s unique digital overlays. You can then post it on your story-line by selecting “My Day.” There are also options to send it to your friends, very similar to how Snapchat works today.

Messenger Day offers more than 5,000 different effects and images to choose from with the ability to insert text. All photos disappear in 24 hours. The new feature will also allow you to see other people’s stories and their day. You simply click on their name and picture featured on the carousel. Friends can also send you direct images and videos.

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The new feature on the Messenger can also be controlled to where everyone on your friends list can see your stories. This can be limited as well where only a selec group of friends and family can view the stories. You can even set it to where a custom group of people can see the uploaded pictures and videos.

Messenger Day will also offer an ability to find out who has seen your Day. There will be a custom format where it lists the people that has checked it out.

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This is a big new feature for Facebook as it offers a new way of socializing through the platform. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, this can quickly grow to become a hit where people start using Messenger Day, rather than hopping on to Instagram or Snapchat. Facebook can also create giant revenue streams through Messenger Day by adopting Snapchat’s business model. Snapchat currently sells custom geo-filters, ad-space, and more creating million in revenue. With Facebook having a larger audience base, advertisers may start pondering over their program.

This is quite a surprising time to announce Messenger Day as Snapchat has just recently gone public with the company.

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