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ExVRience Relaxation In The Virtual World

ExVRience Relaxation In The Virtual World

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New games are fast coming out to the market in the world of technological revolution. A lot of virtual games with different genres and categories are enticing players to try out VR such as horror, action adventure, sports and many others. There are some games that can result to positive or negative feelings after playing, affecting the state of being. In the virtual reality world, we react and believe on what is seen and heard. This makes the experience even more immersive and real. The choice of game can also affect a person both physically and mentally. Although most games bring about intense emotions, the ExVRience Relaxation VR game is a good alternative to ease the mind, and experience inner peace and calmness using the VR technology.

The game developer and publisher, ExVRience, is an Australian business based team focused on developing VR relaxation. The game takes place in Australia’s natural locations, such at the beach, ocean cave, lagoon and waterfalls. A 360 degree video, touchpad controller and a Samsung Gear VR device is required to enjoy the relaxing music, voice-overs and natural scenes. It has a list of music tracks for every surrounding and the effects of nature’s sound coming from the birds, rain, snow, butterflies, bubbles, fountain, storms and fireworks that can really calm your senses. The VR users also have an option to move from one scene location to another. The background music is licensed from various artists. It also has a special feature for the hearing impaired in one of the videos. This VR game is the best way to relax both the mind and body because of its visual effects and it definitely will not cause you motion sickness since it has less action and movements compared to most VR games. The relaxing music also provides a feeling of total body awareness exercise just like attending a yoga class in real life. This is an experience to enjoy and relax right inside your home, without going on a trip to travel in Australia. It’s a unique VR experience that’s convenient, less expensive and saves more time and effort on the part of the user.

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According to studies, there is a direct effect of VR games on human behavior, both physically and mentally but it depends on the choice and need of the player. Does he or she want to have fun? Relax or get active? A wise analysis of the person’s preference will help you choose the right game for you.

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A VR experience comes in different varieties depending on the game. It’s good to try something different from the usual genre games of shooting, loud sound effects and other full adventure packed VR games. Again, it’s a choice on what game would have the most impact in your learning experience. This VR game was ultimately created for an immersive experience for the players. Take a quick vaction to Austraile through exVRience. You can check out this VR getaway through the Oculus Store. ExVRience is exclusively available on the Samsung Gear VR.

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