Home VR Experience Explore Westeros From Game of Thrones In An Immersive 360 VR Experience

Explore Westeros From Game of Thrones In An Immersive 360 VR Experience

Explore Westeros From Game of Thrones In An Immersive 360 VR Experience

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Game of Thrones is right on the cusp of entering its greatest war with the battle of Winterfell. So it seems like the perfect time to check out the world of Westeros in an immersive setting before that battle begins.

Adobe has teamed up to provide an immersive 360 VR experience for fans to check out some of the world based around the book and lore. Users will be able to explore the previously unseen castles and landscapes of George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ novels in a new exhibition. ‘Game of Thrones‘ artists have brought to life the Basilisk Isles, Valyria and other mysterious locations for the first time in Unseen Westeros.

Here are the 9 locations you can see in the immersive 360 experience:

  • Golden Tooth: Home to House Lefford, a key vassal sworn to the mighty House Lannister, Golden Tooth is aptly named given the precious metals and wealth of the Westerlands. While a modest castle, it holds great strategic value – controlling a crucial passage through the Hill Road. In fact, they say any hostile army must take the Tooth if they wish to threaten the Lannisters – who once utilised its gold to establish their power.

    Artist: Manuel Grad
  • Strongsong: Strongsong is the seat of House Belmore in the Vale – a powerful family sworn to House Arryn. Situated beside rivers and lakes in the Mountains of the Moon, this castle is as robust and poetic as its name implies, and it provides a formidable stronghold north of The Eyrie. The Belmores are an ancient line that can trace their roots back to the First Men, and their home is well suited to their status.

    Artist: René Aigner
  • Widow’s Watch: The ancient fort of House Flint, sworn to the Starks of the North. Widow’s Watch is found on the rocky coast south-east of Winterfell – where it gazes ever vigilantly over the Narrow Sea. Some say it was a Flint who became the Night’s King: naming himself King-Beyond-the-Wall and taking the Nightfort as his seat. But despite these whispers, the house remains loyal to the North, and to the Starks.

    Artist: Manuel Grad
  • Kingdom of the Ifequevron: In the Dothraki tongue, ‘Ifequevron’ means Wood Walkers. And it is said even the dreaded Khals fear the powers of the Ifequevron so much they never venture into northern Essos’ vast forested region, where these people once lived. When the Wood Walkers vanished, they left behind a legacy of carved wooden monuments and sinister caves, which the Dothraki have dubbed Vaes Leisi – or the ‘City of Ghosts’.

    Artist: Chris Sanchez
  • Valyria/Smoking Sea: The capital of the once-mighty Valyrian empire, this city of sky-piercing towers was home to fearsome dragonlords – including the forebears of House Targaryen – before the devastating cataclysm known as ‘The Doom’ left it desolate and devastated. Those who journey to the ruins today do so at great peril. Gerion Lannister once led an expedition to Old Valyria, following in the footsteps of his ancestor, King Tommen II. Much like Tommen however, Gerion was never seen again.

    Artist: Max Riess
  • The Five Forts: Far from Westeros, on the border of the Golden Empire of Yi Ti, there are Five Forts of untold age, with uncanny echoes of The North’s own great Wall of ice. It is said they were once used by the Pearl Emperor to defend against demons commanded by the ‘Lion of Night’. As The Wall now guards against Wildlings, so too do the Five Forts protect against raiders. But what horrors might also lurk beyond?

    Artist: Martin Höhnle
  • Summer Isles: Positioned south of Westeros, the Summer Isles are humid lands of rainforests and beaches, of precious stones and exotic birds – with the thriving Tall Trees Town a centre of culture, trade and history. The people worship gods and goddesses of love, beauty and fertility, but they are also prepared to defend themselves. The Summer Isles produce some of the greatest archers in the known world.

    Artist: Manuel Grad
  • Sothoryos: The history of Sothoryos, the southernmost continent of the known world, is as mysterious as the land is dangerous. Ruined cities suggest it once hosted civilisation, but those who venture inland rarely return to tell the tale, while legend speaks of gigantic apes, bats and spiders lurking in wait. All that is known for certain is it is a place of thick jungle and scorched deserts that stretch for thousands of miles – seemingly without end.

    Artist: Pablo Dominguez
  • Basilisk Isles: The Basilisk Isles lurk close to the coast of Sothoryos – the southernmost continent of the known world. Once home to monstrous reptiles, and still a haven for deadly creatures, the isles are most frequently settled by rogues and pirates. The Lysene pirate Saathos Saan once crowned himself ‘King of the Basilisk Isles’, and others have followed in his wake. But so treacherous is life here, that so-called ‘plunder towns’ are often short-lived.

    Artist: Martin Höhnle

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