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Explore The Hoover Dam In VR Like Never Seen Before

Explore The Hoover Dam In VR Like Never Seen Before

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The Hoover Dam is one of the iconic structures in America which showcases some of the coolest technologies invented by mankind. And while we understand the importance of the technology and structure, we’ve never really been able to go inside and see how it all works.

Now, thanks to Industrial VR, we have a chance to see and experience how everything operates inside the Hoover Dam using virtual reality.

Industrial VR has combined an innovative documentary-style approach with visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4. The game will take players on an exclusive journey through the Hoover Dam. Fly overhead for a birds eye view, pick any spot to land on and explore, or go inside the pipes and through the machinery to look into the heart of this technological feat with the highest level of access imaginable.

You’ll get to learn how the turbine works, what happens inside towers, how the generator functions, and much much more.

In the video above you can see how detailed the Hoover Dam sight was recreated using the Unreal Engine 4. From the water, to the lines, to even the decaying marks of the structure, everything is crisp and highly detailed. In addition, this Hoover Dam experience allows you to see things in X-ray vision with digital indicators that shows the passing of the water, traffic, energy, and more.

You can download the experience today on the Oculus Rift for $4.99. You will also be able to experience this VR simulation on the HTC Vive through Steam in the near future.

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