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Exclusive Interview: Vertebrae Releases SDK for VR Advertising

Exclusive Interview: Vertebrae Releases SDK for VR Advertising

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Vertebrae, the native advertising platform for VR and AR, released Version 1.0 of its drag-and-drop software development kit (SDK) last week.  This new SDK allows VR developers to unlock numerous monetization options, affording an expansive mix of immersive ways publishers and brands can advertise natively in VR without disrupting people’s experience.

Vertebrae Founder and CEO, Vince Cacace, gave VR and Fun an exclusive interview in which he explained that much of today’s advertising is still stuck in the dark ages. With Vertebrae, Cacace intends to call forth an advertising Renaissance. Cacace described banner ads and video ads, the two most common forms of advertising to date, as reminiscent of 19th century newspaper classified ads and 1950’s television ads, respectively. While we’re not knocking the Mad Men advertising offerings of yore, Cacace believes VR and AR will usher advertising into a new realm.

Built for developers and brands alike, and boasting simple integration, Vertebrae’s SDK is compatible with any Unity VR developer environment including Gear VR, Cardboard, Daydream, Vive, Oculus, Playstation VR. It grants publishers and brands access to the widest array of immersive, native advertising opportunities. Vertebrae works with publishers to guide them on choosing the best placements and formats within their experiences and then pays them based on impressions.

Vertebrae Ad Formats include:

  • In Headset
    • In-VR product placement (3D branded object)
    • VR 360-degree Video Pre-Roll/Interstitial
    • Gaze-based Interactive 3F
  • Web/Mobile
    • 360-degree Video Mobile Display
    • 360-degree Video Desktop Display
    • 360-degree Video Pre-Roll/Interstitial for Desktop and Mobile

“We’ve made it a priority to offer a range of immersive, native ways to tell stories in VR,” said Cacace. “Options range from simple 360 pre-roll ad formats to more complex in-VR product placement options. Imagine engaging with a virtual product that, when opted into, seamlessly unlocks branded worlds that amplify the VR experience while articulating the brand message.”

Vertebrae even goes as far as offering a match making service for their clients, ensuring they find the right fit for harmonious partnerships between ad agencies, producers, brands, etc.”We are good at matching the right type of content with right type of advertiser, this is what makes us unique,” said Cacace. Additionally, Vertebrae manages a large demand of brands looking to sponsor VR and AR. Vertebrae helps sell in brand campaigns, distributes creative and manages billing and reporting  — providing a percentage of revenue to VR developers/publishers.

Cacace believes that paywall elimination will create a direct correlation with VR growth. “I haven’t personally seen people pay to watch 360-degree videos,” he said. “We think that offering free to play as an alternative, will allow for more people to see more content and therefore enable the ecosystem to grow.” Vertebrae is also currently working with the IAB to define standards for the new advertising formats through which the entire VR/AR advertising industry takes shape.

With the SDK released just yesterday, we’re excited to see how it’s adopted in by the both the advertising and VR/AR worlds.

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