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Etihad Airways Releases A 360 VR Experience Featuring Nicole Kidman


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Airlines these days are currently stepping up their experience for luxury flights. The latest to do so is Etihad Airways with their new state of the art Airbus A380. This specific model of plane is the biggest commercial airliner available today. It can accommodate up to 853 passengers in its 5,920 sq ft. cabin for international flights. This plane is 40% larger than the next closest plane (Boeing 747-8) in terms of size.

To commemorate and advertise the newest bird in the fleet, Etihad Airways teamed up with Nicole Kidman to deliver a quality 360 VR experience of flying from New York to Abu Dhabi aboard the Airbus A380.

The short film starts off by Nicole Kidman having a meeting in one of the fancy rooms dedicated to first class passengers. Then the 360 video will walk you through how the economy and business cabins look; it’s quite nice. And of course, the experience will bring you back to Nicole Kidman and demonstrate the luxury of the new plane.

First class occupants will be provided with more than just nice seats and fine dining. You’re given something similar to a hotel suite. I would’ve never guessed something like this existing on a plane but it does aboard Etihad Airways’ new plane. First class passengers like Nicole Kidman will have a bed, a bathroom, a courteous living room all inside the dedicated first class suite. It will also bolster a bar area for socializing and some fine drinking. You’ll also be eating some of the finest coursed meals with many options to choose from.

The 360 VR experience produced by Etihad Airways and co. does a great job in capturing the life of a first class passenger aboard the Airbus A380. We’ve seen companies successfully demonstrate an immersive experience using 360 technology and we’ll continue to see more to in the near future.

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