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Epic Games Releases Fortnite V3.2 Patch Notes

Epic Games Releases Fortnite V3.2 Patch Notes

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Yesterday, Epic Games released a quick trailer for the new PvP mode on Fortnite called Teams of 20. This is where 5 teams of 20 will battle it out in a good ol’ battle royale fashion. On top of that, Epic Games has some other treats with the new Fortnite V3.2 update.

In the patch notes, Epic Games states taht they’ve honed in on performance and “quality of life changes, addressing many of the minor issues that have surfaced from the last few patches.”

Fortnite Patch v3.2

Teams of 20 (Battle Royale)
Bigger teams, bigger battles! Five teams of 20 fight for the Victory Royale.

Burnout (Battle Royale)
All roads lead to Victory. Blaze your path with Burnout.

fortnite burnout

Hoverboard Boost Pads (Save the World)
Prepare to leave Husks in the dust! These boost pads send the Hoverboard flying, making your race tracks… gnarly!

fortnite hoverboard boost pads

Wukong (Save the World)
This Hero is definitely not monkeying around! Available in the Event store now.

fortnite wukong

Fortnie has also added in some new features that’ll help with future gameplay. This includes anti-cheat protection for PC, Brazil being added into matchmaking region on Xbox, and fixing an issue with the reset build choice.


  • Added Easy Anti-Cheat protection to PC.
    • Some players will be run through Easy Anti Cheat and some will be run through BattlEye.
    • Installation will occur while Fortnite is running.
  • Brazil has been added to the Matchmaking Region selector for Xbox One players.
    • To adjust this, head to Settings > Game > Matchmaking Region > Brazil.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Reset Building Choice’ option would not reset to Walls if Traps were last selected.

These new features are now available on Fortnite with the 3.2 update.

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