Home VR Experience VR & FUN E3 Pre-Party VR Event | June 10th

VR & FUN E3 Pre-Party VR Event | June 10th

VR & FUN E3 Pre-Party VR Event | June 10th

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Update: RSVP To the event is now live!

Update 2: First round of tickets are sold out. Stay tuned for announcements about additional tickets. Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to be updated!

VR & FUN along with many amazing VR and AR companies will be celebrating the start of E3 in Venice on June 10th. Join us as many studios showcase their latest VR and AR content along with experts sharing their thoughts on the growing technology. In attendance will be some extraordinary companies such as Baobab Studios, Future Lighthouse, Vertebrae, Elektrashock and more. Fabric Media will be hosting the event in Venice.


Share a fun, positive, and exciting time with us as we prepare for a week full of madness and breaking news. This event will be promoting the positives of our growing community and will be an inviting environment for anyone to talk about VR and AR.

Make sure to get your tickets and secure your spot for the spotlight E3 Pre-Party VR event! The link to RSVP will be live shortly!

If you’d like to showcase your VR products, content, and solutions send us an email today at [email protected]

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