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Drive VR Simulates Impaired Driving and Its Life Wrecking Consequences

Drive VR Simulates Impaired Driving and Its Life Wrecking Consequences

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Remember high school’s  infamous Drivers’ Ed “drunk goggles” simulation? As much as it was equal parts embarrassing and nauseating, in many ways that hokey simulation was a primitive predecessor to a new VR for Good program called Drive VR.

Strap yourself in for a bumpy ride! Drive VR, created by UK based Gooii Ltd. as part of the Safer Roads Initiative simulates what is is like to drive under the effects of alcohol and cannabis. The app features 360 degree videos and quizzes about road safety. Then, you are immersed in a video that demonstrates how a split second decision can change your entire life.

Drive VR asks: Who will you marry? Will you have kids? Will you go to university, or get that job you’ve always wanted? All of these things could change in an instant based on decisions you make in the car as a driver or passenger.‘Drive VR’ allows you to safely explore real-life driving situations, enabling you to see the outcome of bad decisions via fully immersive virtual reality. Your decisions could change your character’s life and the lives of everyone around them forever.

Based on the virtual decisions you can employ, your character (either Tom or Mia) could face jail time, lose his or her significant other for good, in addition to other devastating life events. You also may find yourself in the back of an ambulance.

“The unfortunate reality is that young people aged 16-24 continue to be over-represented in collision figures, both locally and nationally,” says Safer Roads Initiatives’ Anna Higgins. “Engaging with this age group is a priority for us and we aim to provide them with simple information which will allow them to make the right choices as drivers, passengers and pedestrians.”

DriveVR features 8 Car VR events including: Driving VR, Pedestrian VR and Passenger VR events.
This app has been designed to work with Google Cardboard VR compatible virtual reality headsets. Videos can also be viewed in 360 without a headset. It is available on Google Play for Google Cardboard here.

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