Home news Drake Pulls “God’s Plan” On Travis Scott While Playing Fortnite

Drake Pulls “God’s Plan” On Travis Scott While Playing Fortnite

Drake Pulls “God’s Plan” On Travis Scott While Playing Fortnite

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Last night, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins decided to set records on Twitch when he teamed up and played Fortnite with Drake, Travis Scott, and JuJu Smith-Schuster. The four were on stream on the hottest game out which at its peak drew in more than 635,000 concurrent users.

Currently, Fortnite is the most streamed game on the platform. It has reached a peak of 460 years and 63 days watched in a months span. Ninja also broke the Twitch all-time record of 388,000 concurrent users set by Dr. Disrespect in a non-tournament match with his 635,000 concurrent user base.

It’s also been reported that he has gained over 90,000 new subscribers alone after the stream with the popular rappers and athlete, which accounts for a total of at least $250,000 a month in revenue. This brings Ninja to the elite levels of top streamers on Twitch.

And while on the stream, some amazing things occurred between the players. For one, Drake says “God’s Plan” while reviving Travis Scott in Fortnite. For those of you unfamiliar, “God’s Plan” is one of his hottest songs out right now.

Second, you can see Travis Scott become a savage and pull out his money after eliminating a player and saying “Cash.” “Cash Cow” is one of the songs that Travis Scott collaborated with Drake on.

This is a pretty large milestone for Fortnite as the game is now publicly recognized by some of the top music artists in the world including the top athletes. Epic Games also made a smart decision in allowing cross-platform to be possible in Fortnite as it allows more players to universally play together.

Everything will also be more heightened soon as Fortnite mobile on iOS and Android becomes available. We look forward to seeing how much bigger the game can become.


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