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Dragon Quest VR Gets Its Own Themed Restaurant And Store

Dragon Quest VR Gets Its Own Themed Restaurant And Store

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Inside the VR Zone in Shinjuku, there are a plethora of immersive games that can keep you entertained for hours. This includes games such as Dragon Ball Z, Godzilla, Gundam, and Mario Kart. But one of the key IPs that has become a fan favorite is actually Dragon Quest VR.

Published by Square Enix, Dragon Quest was originally an RPG game that revolved around a lone knight whose mission was to retrieve a sacred artifact stolen by an evil warlord. And along the way, you encounter foes and monsters who will try and stop you in your path. Oh and your other objective is to save a princess (naturally).

Dragon Quest is also known as one of the original RPG games being that it was first released on May 27, 1986. This kicked off a whole list of new RPG games in Japan and made a big hit within the gaming community.

Now in 2019, you can revisit this fantastic world in virtual reality. At the VR Zone in Shinjuku, they have designated a spot for fans and gamers to become immersed in this world.

Not only can you play that game in VR, but you can go to the restaurant section to enjoy the meals and even stop by the shop to purchase any memorabilia about the game.

In the VR experience itself players will take on the role of a warrior, priest or mage, with each class of character capable of attacks using handheld controllers. Wearing a customized HTC Vive VR headset connected to a backpack that grants them wireless mobility, teams of up to four can step into an empty 240-square-meter room where 40 Vicon V5 motion tracking cameras record their movements using location based VR. Players can then physically interact with the environment as they explore the monster-filled world of Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest will be available at VR Zone Shinjuku until March 31, 2019. This is an exclusive VR game that is unavailable outside of the facility currently.

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