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Dr. Phil Created A Virtual Reality Tool To Help Recovering Addicts

Dr. Phil Created A Virtual Reality Tool To Help Recovering Addicts

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Dr. Phil is a famous psychologist and TV personality who brings on delinquents like Danielle Bregoli, also known as ‘Cash me ousside girl,’ on to his TV show to help rehabilitate them into society. He has interacted with many troubled individuals for over a decade and is now determined to treat these people with his own virtual reality application called Dr. Phil’s Path To Recovery.

“We know that the most dangerous phase of treatment is clearly the transition from the structured environment of the rehabilitation center to the unsupervised world they face on discharge,” said Dr. Phil. “Now to bridge that gap, I’ve actually created a virtual reality tool to help that transition go smoothly.” In this virtual reality experience, you’ll find yourself interacting with Dr. Phil in numerous environments. From his house, to a setting in a bar, you’ll be conditioned to come face-to-face with him in high-risk scenarios. “It’s intended to offer a unique experience where patients can sit down in a face-to-face setting with me without ever leaving the safety of the facility,” said Dr. Phil.

He also mentions why it’s critical to use this VR application for people in need. “What you want is something that stands out,” said Dr. Phil. “What you need is something that pops out of the noise. Something that rises above the noise. Like a distinctive voice. And that voice, in this case is me. Because I want to be there. I want to be in their head. It’s me training these folks on how to handle these high-risk situations on discharge. You have to go a function with people. You see the triggers of the alcohol bottles sitting there. You see people around. You’ve got peer pressure. So I can talk to them in this situation while they’re still in rehab without them having to actually go to a bar and having to see the triggers. This is such a powerful tool.”

Dr. Phil hasn’t made this VR application readily available for regular people to see. Instead, it’ll be a part of a tool for rehabilitation centers to use. In a disclaimer, they have written the following in regards to the application.

The ideas and concepts in this program are meant solely for general informational purposes on the subjects addressed in the program, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical, health, mental, or psychological problem or condition, nor are they meant to substitute for professional advice of any kind.

The VR application was co-created between Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay McGraw.

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