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Counter Your Foes In ‘Battle Sorcerers’ VR

Counter Your Foes In ‘Battle Sorcerers’ VR

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Bring alive your magical abilities in Battle Sorcerers by G1 Playground.

In this VR title, you will be transforming into a sorcerer who has an assortment of spells to duel out your opponent. Players will be equipped with a variety of spells such as fire, ice, and earth. But by combining these elemental powers, you’ll have access to greater spells.

There will be a 1 vs 1 option available where you face off against one other opponent. Another mode available will be a FFA option where up to 5 sorcerers can duel in an arena. But while the arenas may change, you will have the same assortment of elemental spells to choose from.


– 1 vs 1 battles between sorcerers.
Use your superb reflexes and tactics to win online battles!

– Immerse yourself in various tactical gameplay with easy controls.
Throw the available magic elements to cast them, or merge them into even more powerful magics.

– You can merge magics in the lobby anytime to use them.
Practice magic for greater challenges and devise your own unique tactics.

– You can request 1 vs 1 battles to your friends.

– Up to 5 sorcerers can fight each other simultaneously in a battle royale mode.
Survive the brutal fights to gain victory.

Battle Sorcerers is available today on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

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