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Conan Visits YouTube To Try VR For The First Time


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Conan O’Brien is one of the most popular late night hosts in the entertainment industry. He hosts nightly shows throughout the week on TBS interviewing celebrities and putting on entertaining skits for the audience. During a recent episode, Conan went to visit YouTube to try VR for the first time and it turned out to be really entertaining.

With the use of the HTC Vive Conan tested VR experiences such as Google Tiltbrush and Job Simulator. In Google Tiltbrush, Conan managed to paint a picture of what appears to be himself and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. “This is going to put the marijuana industry out of business,” said Conan O’Brien. “This is how Woody Harrelson must feel all the time.” With the simplistic design of Google Tiltbrush, newcomers to VR seem to have an easy time getting a hang of it.

In Job Simulator, Conan decides to test out the office cubicle area. During his experience with the simulation, Conan appeared to have an enjoyable time messing with all of the items available to him. Conan quickly picked up on how things worked within the space and started printing though with the copy machine. He also went on to bang things around and test all of the quirky contraptions you find throughout the cubicle.

Conan also visited the kitchen to make virtual food for the customers. Conan learned quickly that dishes must be served appropriately and accurately for the waiters to come pick up the food. I personally found this experience to be tougher on newcomers to VR for the reason being that you had to make perfect orders.

The last game Conan tested out was a virtual boxing experience that allowed Conan to compete against virtual characters. He does a nice job fighting these characters and even ends up K.O.ing some of the virtual opponents. If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out Conan and this video, make sure you do so as this segment was wildly comical.

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