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Come Catch Us At VRLA

Come Catch Us At VRLA

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VRLA (Virtual Reality Los Angeles) Convention will be taking place next week with many of the big players. The event will have many new companies demonstrating their technology at the event. There will be many talented speakers at the event as well. VRLA has grown to be one of the biggest VR conventions in the nation. Year after year, the demand for virtual reality has grown an exponential amount. VRLA has taken big leaps to get to where they are today.

Some of the notable speakers:

Rick Champagne – Entertainment Segment Manager @ HP

David Coombes – Developer Programs Manager @ NVIDIA

Walter Greenlead – Professor @ Stanford University

Sam Paschel – CCO @ Skullcandy

Ferhan Ozkan – Senior Business Development Manager @ Crytek

Mark Schoennagel – @ Unity Technologies

Rikard Steiber – SVP of VR @ HTC

Roy Taylor – Corporate Vice President of Alliance @ AMD

Kimberly Voll – Senior Tech Designer and Research Scientist @ Riot Games

Each speaker will be going over different topics related to the virtual and augmented reality realms. There’s many new fronts that will be covered and the speakers be answering questions about the future of virtual reality technology.

Saturday’s keynote speaker will be Reggie Watts, who’s lately known for being the house band for, “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” There’s a lot of new technology coming from some of the biggest companies in the world. Some of the companies that will be showcasing their technology will be HTC, GoPro, Dolby, MSI, Nokia, HP, and Google.

VRLA will also be home to the first rave concert sponsored by Skullcandy. This will be the first of it’s kind with live creative music in virtual reality. The VR rave will feature some world-class DJs as well. They’ll be directing the flow and music for the event. This will definitely be an interesting event to be a part of.

There will also be many companies demonstrating AR technology. Augmented Reality has become really popular as of late thanks to Pokemon GO. This particular Pokemon App displays virtual Pokemon characters to the physical world. You get to flick Pokeballs at Pokemon to catch em’ all. And with this sudden whiff of success, many companies are starting to believe in the strength of this technology.

360 immersive sound for virtual reality is also becoming a hot technology. While many companies are mastering virtual frame rate, a lot of successful companies such as Dolby and Skullcandy are creating the groundwork for sound immersion. As virtual technology becomes better, sound technology has to also adapt. 360 sound will be the pudding on top of the virtual reality immersion experience.

VRLA will also be hosting small bootcamps and VR education clinics at the convention for those that are new and becoming interested in this technology. So those of you that might be interested in virtual reality, this will be a perfect event to attend and learn more about this VR and AR.

There’ll be many innovate and new ideas presented at VRLA held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We’ll catch you there on August 5th and 6th for a great time!

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