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Chic-fil-A Sends Their Cows Flying And Scuba Diving In This New 360 VR Experience

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Chic-fil-A has always been about their unique marketing campaigns with their cows holding up a sign that reads, “Eat Mor Chikin.” They like to stand out from conventional methods and provide consumers a memorable experience.

During Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Chic-fil-A ran two 30-second commercials of their new marketing campaign called Cowz VR using virtual reality to promote their brand. In their latest video you can see how their famous cows deliver VR headsets to people to check out the latest 360 video content.

This particular project was created in part by Framestore and Q department where you observe cows in abnormal places. While you skydive in 360, you’ll see cows skydiving with you holding up the sign “Eat Mor Chikin.” Next, while your scuba diving underwater you’ll see a cow holding that very same sign. And to top off the weirdness, you’ll be seeing that same sign while you’re racing in an F1 racecar, Hot air ballooning, and wing suit gliding over the mountains. The video comes to a conclusion where you’re on a farm and you see cows with a different sign that reads, “Eat Mor Chikin In Realiter.” They probably mean eat more chicken in reality.

This will be an ongoing campaign for Chic-fil-A as they make their stride in VR. The VR experiences can be viewed on mobile VR headset devices.

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