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Check Out Valve’s New Knuckles EV2 Motion Sensor Controllers

Check Out Valve’s New Knuckles EV2 Motion Sensor Controllers

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Valve has announced that they’ve begun shipping the Knuckles EV2 motion sensor controllers to developers on their platform. Since the first iteration, the motion sensor controllers have seen a lot of changes and improvements.

The Knuckles now features thumbsticks and many other features that are quite different from the EV1.3.

Valve Knuckles EV2 Improvements


  • The tracking fin now provides better tracking, and there’s more room for larger hands around the handle.
  • The handle has been sculpted to be more comfortable for a wider range of hand sizes (we are targeting hands in the 5th to 95th percentiles).
  • The strap can now be adjusted for different hand sizes, and it’s made with an easy-to-clean anti-microbial material.
  • The top input surface has been reconsidered to ensure that both small and large hands can access all of the inputs.

Finger tracking

Pick up and squish

Test button reach

Moondust trailer

The thumbstick is a welcomed feature that many developers have reached out about. Now it is featured on the new iteration. The track button on the EV2 is a nother new input.

Track Button

  • It can be “the big button” for your game
  • It’s a natural place to rest your thumb
  • It’s still a trackpad – detect thumb ‘Y’ position (and a surprising amount of ‘X’)

Beneath the track button is a force sensor which can detect a range of force from light touch to a full press. This allows a lot more capabilities in game and experiences for dynamic performance.

Cap Sense

Cap sense now features auto-calibration and much higher fidelity finger tracking. All of the buttons and thumbstick have cap sense capabilities which allows for more tracking throughout the controller.

Force Sensors

The new force sensors now allow for a much wider range of inputs. This includes:

  • Analog – Detect a ramp of pressure from a light touch to a hard squeeze
  • Digital – Both the Grip and the Track Button can behave as a digital input. Simply choose a force threshold for activation and fire a haptic to mimic the behavior of a mechanical button
  • Multistep – Combination of the above
  • Disabled – if your content does not need this functionality, this sensor can of course be ignored.

The Knuckles EV2 looks to have a lot of improvements suggested by feedback from the developer community.







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