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Check Out This Amazing Art piece By Goro Fujita Using Quill On Oculus Rift


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Oculus is home to many amazing mediums and platforms; one of such is Quill, a painting software exclusive to the Rift. Many artists have been using this platform to create wonderful art pieces within the virtual world. And a recent artist to do so is Goro Fujita who created an amazing work of art called, “Worlds in Worlds.”

In this video, you’ll recognize the brilliance of the art work created in VR. The captured video demonstrates the strengths of using VR as it creates a 3D canvas for painters and allows for an infinite canvas for painting. Goro Fujita painted a world with inside another world that further zooms into another world.

“Here is another Quill piece I created over the course of 4 days. I call it ‘Worlds in Worlds’. When Inigo Quilez created Quill, he claimed that it would have an infinite canvas…. Now what happens if you give an artist an infinite canvas? Of course he is going to use it right? I had to put it to the test. What if there was a world within a world within a world within a world…. By zooming in and out of the worlds I created, I blew my own mind. I could not comprehend how this was possible. This tool is just limitless! Again you have to experience this in VR to be able to fully appreciate it.” – Goro Fujita

It seems as though art will be redefined within the world of virtual reality. Artists will have access to a grand 3D canvas where they are given the freedom to create artworks in a whole other world. We’ll be looking forward to more amazing artworks such as this piece by Goro Fujita.

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