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Check Out ‘The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets’

Check Out ‘The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets’

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Fast Travel Games has just launched a new exciting VR title called “The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets” in virtual reality.

This new experience is an interactive tale of childlike wonder. Players will be helping your grandfather solve the mystery of the stolen pets by exploring the unique miniature worlds in virtual reality.

Guided by the voice of your grandfather, you will travel back to the imaginative adventures of your childhood and the worlds you created together. The experience will allow you to revisit a joyful past and the troubled relationship with your sister. You will come to realize things about yourself you forgot decades ago.

The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets allows you to use tools such as a hairdryer to melt snow in a wintery landscape. Another fun part about this experience is you get to go on small explorations such as searching the wreck of a pirate ship which happens to be partially hidden under the surface.

Players will be proceeding through the game by solving light puzzles using your hands. You can grip, push, drop and spin the numerous interactive elements in each world to trigger clues or to reveal the hidden pets.

The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets is a short experience that’s won awards at popular festivals such as Raindance. The experience itself is quite short but it is packed in with a lot of details. You can get a copy of the experience today on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift.

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