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Build New Species In ‘Industrial Petting’

Build New Species In ‘Industrial Petting’

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Living on Earth we’ve been blessed to have wonderful pets in our lives but what if we can invent new ones? Well, now is your chance with Industrial Petting.

In this unique world you will have a chance to create new pets and create new bonds with these creatures.

Yes, you’ve heard that correct. You will be creating new pets and creatures and not just interacting with existing animals. There will be an orbital pet elevator on this world where you can tame the local wildlife and build more of them.


  • Pet Strange Animals
  • Feed them exotic vegetables
  • Build factories and automate petting
  • Invite some friends to create a massive operation together
  • Create fun, adorable, and unnatural evolutions of the local wildlife
  • Explore the planet and discover what secrets might be hidden on this distant world

In the VR game, the galaxy demands ethically sourced, fair trade exotic pets, and you’re the one to supply it. With a certified joy-detecting space elevator, only creatures that are happy, fed, and comfortable can be exported to the market. Farm local produce and make extravagent meals to charm the creatures, or just give them a little bit of personal attention.

Industrial Petting is currently available on the Valve Index and HTC Vive. If you are a big pet lover, this might be the place to visit in virtual reality.

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