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Breaking News: Final Fantasy XV Release Date

Breaking News: Final Fantasy XV Release Date

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Final Fantasy XV release news

Tonight, the release date for Final Fantasy XV has been revealed. This game has been about a decade in the making. A lot of pressure is currently on Square-Enix to release a legendary title like the one they formerly made called final fantasy 7.

The game was orginally suppose to be released on the PS3. But production got postponed year after year. But at tonight’s live-streamed event on Twitch and Twitter, they unveiled the release date of the game set for September 30th, 2016 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Everyone seemed ecstatic to hear that they don’t have that much longer until the release of the game.

Final Fantasy XV is set in a fantasy world with the main character Noctis who’s on a journey to save his kingdom (Lucis). The game will be played as an RPG with some updated game play. It won’t be the traditional turn based game like the Final Fantasy games we grew up with. It will have a modern battle system that allows you to attack at will.

The game will still incorporate the signature characters like Chocobo. It will also incorporate the use of swords. The story line is set to be the most entertaining one so far in Final Fantasy universe.

As a bonus, there’s going to be a few spin-offs from the franchise.

Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood

The first will be a 5 episode anime series based on FInal Fantasy 15. The title for the anime version will be called ‘Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood.’

Final Fantasy XV Kings Glaive

Final Fantasy XV is also getting a movie called ‘Final Fantaxy XV: Kings glaive.’ It’ll be made in pure CG style and tell a story of the king of Lucis.

During this live event, it’s also been revealed Lena Headey will be voicing Lunafreya Nox Fleuret in the movie.

Sean Bean will be voicing the king, Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII.

Aaron Paul will be part of the game series as well voicing Nyx in the movie.

aaron paul in final fantasy xv

This gaming series is turning into something we’ve never seen before in the gaming industry with a gaming franchise releasing a movie, anime series, and a game.

On top of it all, they’ll be releasing a phone app game as well called Justice Monsters Five.

And guess what, there’s more! Final Fantasy XV will be releasing a game called Platinum Demo incorporating Noctis when he was younger. The game will be free and available to download tonight on the PS4 and Xbox One!

There will be a deluxe version edition of Final Fantasy XV. Also, there will be an Ultimate Collector’s edition for Final Fantasy XV as well.

Final Fantasy XV has the potential to break many records if it’s good as anticipated. We hope it has the potential to dethrone Final Fantasy 7 as the best RPG game ever created. The money and time invested in the game has been extraordinary. This will be the benchmark of what gaming companies hope to achieve. For the most breaking news and reviews, follow us on the journey of VR and Fun!

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