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BMW Reveals Self-Correcting Motorcycle Using Augmented Reality Technology

BMW Reveals Self-Correcting Motorcycle Using Augmented Reality Technology

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BMW is a brand that tries to push the envelope of what motor vehicles are capable of. They recently unveiled their line of electric cars that use modern day technology to produce better gas mileage and limit carbon emissions. BMW also makes motorcycles. There are people out there that aren’t quite familiar of their motorcycle brand but in the bike industry, they’re a true contender. And to put a stamp on that statement, BMW released their take on the next evolution of motorcycles with the self-correcting Vision Motorrad Next 100.

This concept bike demonstrates how it’ll produce zero-emissions and integrate augmented reality technology for future motorcyclists.

The AR glasses seen in this video is called The Visor. Bikers will be able to link up with motorcycle through the Visor to digitally project icons and highlights on the lens. The AR glasses will anticipate critical situations and the bike will respond accordingly. The Visor will also act as a wind protector for the eyes and will replace the necessity of helmets altogether. BMW anticipates this technology to wipe away any unforeseen accidents making the helmet irrelevant for safety.

the-visor-for-the-bmw-motorrad-vision-next-100 woman-wearing-the-visor

The AR glasses will also display up to date routes and relevant data needed to drive on an unfamiliar road if needed. It’ll project angles and turns that are optimal for the road ahead. This level of technology is currently only available for fighter jet pilots and BMW looks to revolutionize the augmented reality technology to where regular day bikers can go on a safe and stylish journey.


Although everything sounds promising we have to take in to account that this is all concept. Until the real deal comes out, we can’t say for a fact that it’ll truly work. But the vision that BMW has for the future is incredible. We hope that one day we’ll be able to test out this amazing integration of motorcycle to augmented reality technology.

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