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Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab VR Game Available Today On Oculus Rift And Gear VR

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab VR Game Available Today On Oculus Rift And Gear VR

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Final Update: Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab is now live on Oculus Rift for Free

New Update: Oculus has informed us that it will be releasing some time today for the Oculus Rift. Stay tuned.

Update: Oculus has informed us that Blade Runner 2049 was released on Gear VR. TBD on Oculus Rift.

After some delays, Oculus has announced the official release of Blade Runner 2049 Memory Lab on Oculus Rift. The game follows the storyline from the recent movie featuring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in a futuristic dystopian society overrun by bio-engineered human beings.

In the VR game, you’ll play as a Blade Runner who, after the violent ending in Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, reports to the Wallace Corporation’s Memory Lab at the Wallace Corporation for incident analysis. With the help of a holographic AI similar to the character of Joi in the movie, you’ll explore your memories of the event, reconstructing and interacting with them as you uncover a mysterious conspiracy.

Blade Runner 2049 Memory Lab was developed by an LA based studio called Magnopus. The VR game will allow you to utilze your Touch controllers on the Rift. The content itself was filmed using Microsoft’s holographic capture rig which produced some fantastic visuals and characters.

The trailer above show the blend of real human actors in the virtual world. You can see the ballerina dancing in the streets which is similar to how the movies portrayed the futuristic world using augmented reality technology. The game is said to provide a few quality hours of storytelling where you can discover secrets about the Wallace Corporation.

Our quick review of Blade Runner: 2049 Memory Lab

The game will be availabe tomorrow on the Oculus store so make sure to give it a go. We thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. It was cool to explore the Blade Runner world in VR and be a part of society dictated by technology and AI. Blade Runner 2049 Memory Lab is quite immersive and recommend Rift users give it a go as you won’t be disappointed.

You can find theBlade Runner 2049 Memory Lab experience for free today at the Oculus store.

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