Home Fun Games Bethesda Releases Official Trailer For Rage 2 – Will It Be In VR?

Bethesda Releases Official Trailer For Rage 2 – Will It Be In VR?

Bethesda Releases Official Trailer For Rage 2 – Will It Be In VR?

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Bethesda has just released a new trailer for Rage 2, the game that was leaked in part by Walmart (thanks!). The new upcoming title is a sequel to the original game which will provide somewhat of a rampage again it seems.

In the trailer you can see the high quality details and graphics that the game will come equipped with. It looks somewhat like a scene out of Mad Max with all the crazy gear and equipment the characters come equipped with.

While not much else is known about Rage 2, there’s been some chatter to if the game will be available in virtual reality. We’ve seen Bethesda at the forefront of AAA VR game releases with titles such as Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR, and DOOM VFR. These are some of the company’s biggest franchises which provides hours upon hours of fun.

Bethesda stated in the past that they’d like to introduce new and exciting games in VR and Rage 2 can be a possibility. This is the first time that Bethesda is really talking about the new game besides the leak that happened a few days ago. Bethesda will be releasing the gameplay trailer some time tomorrow, May 15th. We’ll keep a lookout for that and see if Bethesda mentions anything about a VR aspect.


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  1. The trailer looks very VRish, real actors, the motions they are going through, the first person driving scenes. It would be great to see a big budget VR game made, Skyrim and Fallout 4 make the argument that a traditional game can be VR with just a little effort. Both games are by far the most compelling VR experinces so far, everything else that has been designed for VR, even really polished tittles like Arizona Sunshine just aren’t compelling enough for people to really sell them on the concept. after showing Skyrim and Fallout 4, even people who’ve played both games through, on multiple platforms, start to think “Hmmm 500$ for this in VR… It is tax refund season….”

    1. It’s just a promo trailer dude.. nothing about this looks “VRish”, theres no gameplay in the trailer to speak of. I’m pretty sure this was cobbled together in about a day when they found out wall-mart leaked it.


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