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Become An Orc In ‘Drums of War’

Become An Orc In ‘Drums of War’

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Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be an orc and hit to the battle of the drums? Well even if you didn’t you will now with the introduction of “Drums of War.”

Drums of War is a virtual reality music rhythm action adventure game that uses a unique locomotion mechanic. Players will have to pound virtual drums to the beat of a blasting heavy metal soundtrack to move their giant orc avatar as he rampages through fantasy landscapes destroying dwarves and their allies.

You have ot take the fight to the dwarves and destroy their villages and reclaim the right to once again call yourself the king of the mountain. Players can blast their cannons and shoot fireballs as enemies try to stop you from drumming your way to victory.


– Enjoy full 360 degrees of freedom in both movement and combat.

– Experience visceral music rhythm gameplay in VR!

– Rampage through 15 story levels and an unending supply of dwarfs.

– Fight off hordes of fantasy creatures, including pesky dwarves, flaming skeletons, demonic succubi, and much more.

– Purchase drum skins from the shop for stat upgrades

Drums of War is available on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift for $9.74.

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