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Become A Virtual Artist In Graffiti Bombing

Become A Virtual Artist In Graffiti Bombing

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When you walk down an urban street, chances are you’ll stumble across some sort of graffiti art. Whether it may be good or bad, it is the signature of the artist and their emotions behind it that makes it art. Also, there’s a good chance that tagging something in real life may be illegal so Graffiti Bombing has made it easier (and cleaner) for you to get some practice in.

In Graffiti Bomber by Urban Weapony, you’ll enter the virtual world of Graffiti Bombing and become a graffiti writer. Whether you’re a new artist, seasoned veteran or even all-city hero, you can now enjoy the thrill of being a graffiti writer in the crime-free (relative) safety of virtual reality.

Players will be able to choose different equipment, supplies, and paint to tag your next spot. You can choose the environments and size of the next piece of art you want to throw up.


  • Get transported into a seamless world comprised of rich, detailed environments.
  • Move between zones to discover new locations and find different places to bomb graffiti. *
  • No loading or saving screens, everything streams in real-time, offering better immersion.
  • Multiple locations for doing graffiti in the same game level / world. You can paint on walls, buildings, tunnels, trains, containers and more.. and this is just the beginning! *
  • Massive, long walls in some locations, provide ample room for those mega burners.
  • Realistic environments, with time of day, nature, animals, spatial sound FX and more. *
    Current game-world and zone mechanics have been designed with the longer-term features road-map in mind. *
  • Remember, Graffiti Bombing is a place you go – once you leave, any graffiti remains until next time. Want to bomb the same location, then you go over it!
  • Use your backpack inventory system to store paints, clipboard and more.
  • Play music on your retro Boombox, so you can listen to tunes whilst bombing. *
  • Rack up at the Bombastic – Graffiti Supplies vending machine, to top-up paint supplies. *
  • Discover new ways to interact with the game-world and environments around you. *
  • You can pick up and use objects, open doors, operate lifts and even move vehicles. *
  • To get up to those hard to reach graffiti spots, you’ll need to climb or get creative.
  • Look for objects that you can stand on, or stack, ladders to climb and a mobile scissor lift. *
  • Be careful though, some areas can be dangerous, and if you fall from a height it hurts.
  • Also be on the lookout for danger, security systems, and dogs… they do bite you know.

Graffiti Bombing is set to release some time this month in 2020 on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

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