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Beat The Fear Of Climbing With The Climb VR

Beat The Fear Of Climbing With The Climb VR

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Rock climbing first became an athletic sport through outdoor exploration. Today, people learn to climb indoors with man made climbing walls. The walls are arranged a variety of grading systems to compare the difficulties of climbs. This is the reason why various climbing techniques and equipment was used to advance the sport. The goal is to reach the summit with a pre-defined route without falling. It requires physical strength, agility, balance, endurance and mental control. In competitions, the main objective is to complete the route and reach the end point in the shortest time possible. Today, one of the most popular types of rock climbing style is the Free Climbing. It uses one’s own physical strength. Equipment are used only for protection. A lot of techniques can be used depending on the type of rock. Some basic equipment are rubber climbing shoes, climbing chalk for the hands, climbing rope, harnesses and climbing helmets to protect the climbers against injuries.


With rock climbing being such an adventurous sport, the good folks over at Crytek took a jab at creating a virtual reality rock climbing experience called the Climb. It’s a solo rock climbing experience that tries to deliver the same adrenaline rush and feeling of free climbing. It has an outstanding VR environment of rock formations throughout the North American countries, Europe, and Asia. It’s a sports action exploration genre rated for all ages. The game’s objective is for the climber to make it to the top at the quickest speed. The game features different modes such as bouldering, where you have to beat the puzzled routes with perfect techniques. Another mode is the tourist where you climb at one’s own pace using simple mechanics. Training mode goes over the basics and tutorial. The game has a simple mechanics which makes it enjoyable for all players. A proper balance and the right angle is needed to easily reach the top. The game’s challenge is attainable because  climbers can step up or crouch down to expand the reach. It also offers a good sense of depth in its terrains.  The gamepad controller and Oculus Rift headset will provide a thorough immersive environment.

Crytek used the Cryengine game software to develop The Climb in VR. Crytek’s headquarter is based in Coburg, Germany.

Rock climbing, being difficult and dangerous as it is, has a safer path of experience thanks to virtual reality technology. Beginner rock climbers can understand the mechanics and lines which are critical in physical rock climbing.

The Climb can also provide these VR users with opportunities to experience what it’s like to be up so high. In rock climbing videos, we can observe an immensity of heights. With VR, you can actually look around and grasp that distance from the ground up in an immersive circumstance. You can look around the environment with freedom like you would do in real life.

Take yourself to a new level each time you progress with this new adventure sports VR game. Find and download the game available at the Oculus Store. We hope you get to enjoy this awesome experience.

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