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Beat Saber For PSVR Coming On November 20th

Beat Saber For PSVR Coming On November 20th

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PlayStation VR users, it’s almost time to rejoice as the famous Beat Saber game is finally coming to the platform. Michaela Dvorakova from Beat Games has announced that the time is almost here where PS VR users get to slash away at the beat boxes while grooving to some awesome music.

In addition to this exciting news, Beat Saber will be coming with some exciting new songs that’ll provide a new thrill for everyone to explore. “Our hard work finally paid off and we’re bringing you and everyone in our keen PS VR community the game filled with exclusive new content and features,” said Dvorakova.

Exclusive features on PSVR for Beat Saber:

  • A challenging campaign – Improve your game style every day by completing levels in our complex campaign, exclusively created for PS VR.
  • Exclusive new songs – Everyone loves Beat Saber’s original game soundtrack. That’s why we bring you, above our well-know music hits, five new exclusive songs from excellent electronic dance music artists and talents from around the world.
  • Tons of modifiers – Make your gameplay even more challenging and exciting every day.
  • Epic sabers – Get ready for those shiny beasts because they look just amazing. Watch them glow and slash the cubes with style!
  • Practice mode – We know practice makes perfect. In Beat Saber you can start from any part of the level or even slow down the game to practice problematic parts.

The game will also include:

  • Party mode – Entertain your friends and family and have fun together! Everyone can join and start playing in seconds!
  • One saber mode – Use only one saber for playing but beware – there is no time for slacking.
  • No Arrows mode – The direction of your swing depends on you. How fast can you decide and make the best cut?
  • Global leaderboards – Climb the global leaderboards and compete with other players from around the world.

The game was originally released on the PC VR platform for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users. Beat Saber is set to release on November 20th so make sure to get your party pants on if you are a PS VR user.


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