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BBC Will Be Releasing A 360 VR Mini-Nature Series With Oculus

BBC Will Be Releasing A 360 VR Mini-Nature Series With Oculus

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BBC has put in a tremendous effort to revamp the popular Planet Earth series with the launch of a sequel these past few months. They have done a terrific job in re-introducing the series to the world audience and captivating us once more. BBC has also experimented with the documentary to make it as immersive as possible by using 360 VR technology. Every few weeks the BBC team releases a 360 video from one of their past episodes on Planet Earth 2. The videos capture the wildlife and the beauty of the planet. It also does a great job in taking us behind the scenes, showing us what it takes to capture that special moment and shot.

And with such demand for more similar content in VR, BBC and Oculus have teamed up to release a short series about our wildlife in VR. With the use of the Samsung Gear VR or the Oculus Rift, the curious folks will have a chance to catch 3 special VR experiences that include Black Bears, Caracal Cats, and an Oopister Beetle. According to BBC, they’ll all be released separately and will be available for free to download in the coming months.

Cat Fight

One of the episodes called Cat Flight will follow the journey of a Caracal Cat and how the agile predator survives in the wilds. It’ll focus on the cat’s agility and it’s drive for survival. The video will also include CGI (computer generated imagery) in the episode to give it the extra oomph. BBC hinted that in one of the scenes, the audience will be able to zoom in and interact in 360 with the feline during one of its jumps through the air.


The VR experience named Oogie will revolve around an Oogpister Beetle where you’ll have to guide it to safety in the African Savannah. You’ll have to share the beetle’s dangerous journey weaving through obstacles and the dangerous predators ahead.

Bear Island

The 360 video called Bear Island will feature the Black Bears in the wilderness of Alaska. You’ll be able to jump in between different perspectives throughout the story and see how they survive around the Alaskan river. This episode will be premiere at the end of this month and will be available for free to download for the first 3 months, according to BBC.

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