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VR, AR, and MR are my current passions in life. I want to share that love by reporting the latest VR news available today for the growing community. e: [email protected]

Nvidia Just Drove A Real World Automated Vehicle Using The HTC Vive In VR

That just happened. During today’s Nvidia 2018 GTC Keynote with CEO Jensen Huang, we witnessed one of the employees drive a real world automated vehicle using the HTC Vive in VR. Nvidia has been a big supporter of VR technology and have vested time and money into innovating the platform. This includes the Nvidia Holodeck […]

This Super Mario VR Game Allows You To Collect Coins And Break Blocks Like The Original

We always talk about how amazing it would be to see an actual Super Mario game in VR. While this is still probably a long ways away, there have been some fans that have been taking it up on their own to create their version of the Mario franchise in virtual reality. One of those […]

Pimax Is Finally Ready To Send Out Their Review Units For 8K M1 Prototype

It’s been awhile since we last heard from the Pimax team in regards to their upcoming 8k VR headset. With a record breaking Kickstarter launch last year, the team has set some high goals in fulfilling their promises to its customers. The team now seems to be ready to send out their review units for […]

Weekend Roundup 3-25-2018: Top Stories From The Last 7 Days

With GDC taking place this past week, there were a lot of new stories that have broken out through the community. This includes news with Oculus and HTC. Top Stories From The Last 7 Days Nvidia States That They’ve Just Fixed The 390.65 Bug And Will Be Rolling Out A New GeForce Game Ready driver […]

Silicon Valley Show Gets Its Own VR Game

Silicon Valley is currently one of the most entertaining shows on television. Produced, by HBO, the show explores the lives of fictional characters living in Silicon Valley that are trying to build the next big thing in tech. And while show is fictional, it really hits the bell on how accurate some things are portrayed […]

First Impressions Looking Good For Oculus Santa Cruz VR Headset

Oculus is currently in the midst of finalizing their upcoming standalone VR headset called the Santa Cruz which will be providing 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF). We recently heard that they were being shipped to a select number of developers to start testing the upcoming headset. And while we know that it’ll provide an untethered […]

New Oculus Rift VR Games – March 23, 2018 Weekend Edition

Rift users, I am back again with a new set of VR games that you must check out on the Oculus Rift. After, the countless days of hard work and waiting, it is time to reward yourself with some fun new VR titles. Below is the full list of new recommended games to play on […]

New HTC Vive VR Games – March 23, 2018 Weekend Edition

Many people have been asking us lately, why there aren’t many VR games available on the HTC Vive. We simply tell them, you need to check out our weekend edition articles where we list hundreds of titles that actually are fun and exciting. And this weekend edition is no different. Let’s jump right in. Below […]