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VR, AR, and MR are my current passions in life. I want to share that love by reporting the latest VR news available today for the growing community. e: sj@vrandfun.com

You Can Now Control Humanoid Robots Using VR

Toyota Motor Corporation just unveiled their third generation humanoid robot called the T-HR3. Using their latest robotics platform, designed and developed by Toyota’s partner robot division, they have been able to create their most advanced version of the humanoid robot yet. VR Controls The most interesting thing about the T-HR3 is that it can be controlled […]

Bandai Namco Announces New PVP VR Arcade Game Called ‘Ghost In The Shell: Arise Stealth Hounds’

Bandai Namco has announced a new PVP VR arcade game called Ghost in the Shell: Arise Stealth Hounds. This new experience will pit up to 8 players inside a large dedicated 20m x 12m arena. Users will be equipped with a VR headset (looks to be an HTC Vive headset of some kind) and PC […]

China Is About To Open Up The Biggest VR Theme Park Called East Science Valley

When people say things like “VR isn’t the future” or “VR is dead,” they should probably take a look at what China is doing with the immersive technology. In a recent partnership between Guizhou Ssangyong Airport Economic Zone Administrative Committee and Dongfang Times Network Media Co., Ltd. (subsidiary Mizuki Animation Co., Ltd.), they have announced […]

Huge Updates Released For Gunheart

Drifter Entertainment has announced some big updates for their popular FPS VR game, Gunheart. This is their third update for the early access title which features an entirely new campaign with new script and VO spanning 9 story missions. Drifter Entertainment’s Creative Director Brian Murphy released a video detailing all the changes you will see […]

Skyrim VR Outselling The Nintendo Switch Version As The Hottest VR Game

Skyrim VR by Bethesda has come roaring into the gaming world with its release last week. Many gamers and VR enthusiasts have been garnering the re-launched title as one of the best experiences so far for the PSVR. In fact, Skyrim VR is so hot right now that it has outsold the Nintendo Switch version in […]

Best Prices On VR Headsets Right Now During Black Friday Sales

There are many people interested in VR but have yet to purchase a headset due to pricing. Well, for those of you looking for a great deal, you may be in luck. We have found the best deals available during the Black Friday sales for the major VR headsets. We will be updating this post […]

Weekend Roundup 11-19-2017: Top Stories From The Last 7 Days

This week has been full of twists, turns, and drama in the world of VR. Many stories have made the headlines including HTC showcasing their first standalone headset called the Vive Focus. Let’s look at some of the stop stories from this week in case you missed it. Release of PayDay 2 VR Beta The […]

How To Install Smooth Locomotion Mod For PayDay 2 VR

PayDay 2 VR has only been out for a few days now and already there is a new mod out for smooth locomotion. The beta version of the game has originally been released with quick teleportation to reduce bugs and errors but some people have found that to be rather a nuisance. So now, with […]