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VR, AR, and MR are my current passions in life. I want to share that love by reporting the latest VR news available today for the growing community. e: sj@vrandfun.com

Here is Valve’s Upcoming Knuckles Controllers In Action

Valve has been teasing us these past few days with the announcements of their upcoming Knuckles controllers for VR. While we got the low down about the new peripheral device we’ve yet to see it in action… until now. A new YouTube Video by Zulubo Productions just surfaced showing the Knuckles VR controllers in action […]

Ancient Amuletor Might Just Be A Game To Look Forward To On PSVR

We’ve been learning about many quality VR games coming to PlayStation VR in the near future. Some of those titles invlude Star Child and Moss. Today, we’re here to add-on to that growing list with another unique VR title called Ancient Amuletor by Ti Games. Ancient Amuletor is an action tower defense game that throws you into an ancient times of […]

Echo Arena’s First Open Beta Weekend Starts Now With Oculus Rift

Oculus and Intel have recently announced at E3 that they’ll be pushing Echo Arena into esports which makes it one of the first VR games to enter the competitive league partnering with ESL. Starting today, you can log-in to test the beta of the game until 8:00PM PST on June 25. This game will be full […]

Mettle’s Skybox Tool For VR Acquired By Adobe

Adobe has announced that it has acquired all of Mettle’s Skybox Suite of plug-ins for VR transitions, titles, and effects. Skybox is currently one of the most used tool kits for creators editing 360 content on Premiere Pro and After Effects. “We believe that making virtual-reality content should be as easy as possible for creators. The acquisition […]

Vidcon 2017: YouTube Announces VR180 For Content Creators

YouTube has been one of the first platforms to adopt 360 video content. They provide a simplified solution in uploading 360 videos and also allows smartphones to stream this content in an immersive way through solutions such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. Today, during Vidcon 2017, YouTube announced an even more simplified immersive solution with VR180. According to Google, […]

Judge Calls For War Between Oculus And Zenimax To End

Oculus and Zenimax have now been in quarrel for quite some time now as the two behemoth companies battle out allegations of IP theft that powers the Rift headset today. Earlier this year, the Jury awarded Zenimax $500 million pinning Oculus against the wall. But this is not the ending. Facebook owned Oculus have appealed the […]

Steam Summer Sale Crashes Steam Store

Steam is currently pushing various Summer Sales for fans to enjoy games at a discounted price. This includes HTC with their own unique bundled sale for the Vive and Vive Studios titles. But upon the announcement and launch of the Summer sales, it seems as though the online store is being clogged up and jammed by too many […]

HTC Vive Reveals Steam Summer Sale With Discounts On Hardware And Games

The HTC Vive team is ready to kick off this summer by announcing deep discounts on their hardware bundle and games for the the Vive headset. The first big discount comes with the HTC Vive purchase. Starting today, the headsets will be discounted to $749.99 for their summer sale. Included, will also be a $50 […]