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Creative Editor and Social Media Specialist at VR & FUN. I enjoy VR and all things technology.

Check Out Steven Spielberg Using The HTC Vive Headset During The Making Of Ready Player One

Ready Player One seems to be a success in the box office as it has crossed the barrier of $100 million during its opening weekend. Steven Spielberg, along with many talented team members did a great job in capturing the magic of the OASIS and the virtual wonderland. In a tweet shared today by HTC […]

Oculus Offers New Privacy Updates In light Of Recent Facebook Backlash

Facebook has recently been overwhelmed with controversy for their lack of care in our private data and selling it off to third party companies such as Cambridge Analytica. As a result, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was called into a Senate committee hearing to explain his reasoning behind it. Facebook has issued many updates in […]

TheWaveVR Raises $6 Million In Series A Funding

TheWaveVR has announced that they’ve successfully raised $6 million in Series A Funding led by RRE Ventures. Included in this round of funding is also Upfront Ventures, KPCB, Greycroft, VR Gaming Tracker Fund, The VR Fund, Andy Ross from OK Go, Alex Chung (co-founder of Giphy), Matt Brimer (co-founder of General Assembly and Daybreaker), and […]

Come Aboard The Serenity Spaceship From Firefly In VR With This Fan Made Experience

Firefly, a cult TV show which was first released back in 2002 is still a popular show today receiving much love from fans all over the world. With the exceptional cast and characters that embark on epic space missions, the heart and soul of the short lived series will live on forever. And to commemorate […]

Eminem Uses Augmented Reality To Bring His Coachella Set To Life

Eminem is one of the all-time great rappers of our generation. Starting from a young age he was able to develop himself into a legendary lyricist who released hits songs over the course of two decades. Now he takes center stage at Coachella, which is known to be the festival of all festivals. At Coachella, […]

Here’s The In-Depth Look Of Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill With Smarter Everyday

Destin from Smarter Everyday has recently launched a new series on YouTube where he explores the world of virtual reality and the companies that are currently developing new products for the platform. Just a couple weeks ago he visited HaptX who is working on some amazing haptic feedback gloves. Now, he has met up with […]

KAT VR Scraps Kat Walk Mini Kickstarter Campaign

KAT VR has recently announced that they will be producing an omni-directional treadmill called the KAT Walk Mini. This treadmill is supposed to be the world’s first universally compatible treadmill for VR that wont restrict your body and arms movement. The KAT Walk Mini was designed with everyday consumers in mind which comes in a […]

New Oculus Rift VR Games – April 14, 2018 Weekend Edition

We know that you’ve been waiting for this list so we don’t really want to hold you up for too long. Let’s just jump straight right into this weeks new list of VR games available on the Oculus Rift. Check out last week’s new games Below is the full list of recommended new games to […]