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Shadow Point Narrated By Patrick Stewart Coming To Oculus Quest VR

Coatsink is one of the more well known developer names in VR. They’ve worked on a few great VR titles such as the Esper Series and Augmented Empire. Now they look to bring a new story-driven puzzle adventure VR game called Shadow Point to Oculus Quest and Rift. Shadow Point is a story-driven puzzle adventure […]

This Is What Robo Recall Looks Like On The Oculus Quest

Robo Recall was hailed as one of the true AAA VR games to ever release on the VR platform being exclusively released on the Rift VR headset. Originally created by Epic Games, Robo Recall allowed you to rampage through the city destroying all enemy robots that stand in your way. Now Robo Recall is getting […]

The Hype Is Real For Boneworks VR Game

Just when you thought you couldn’t be more excited about Boneworks, some new content has been revealed that shows how incredible this title may be. Created by Stress Level Zero, Boneworks is a narrative VR action adventure game that uses advanced experimental physics mechanics. Players will have to dynamically navigate through environments, engage in physics […]

Super Mario Odyssey & Zelda Breath Of The Wild Coming To Nintendo Labo VR

Nintendo has announced that they’ll be releasing a “bite-sized” VR experience for Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild on their Nintendo Labo VR kit. Last month, Nintendo made an announcement to launch a line of VR goggles through their Labo Kits which is comprised of cardboard box cutouts. The Labo VR kits […]

Get Ready To Become Iron Man In VR

It has recently be revealed that Sony is working with Marvel in releasing a new VR title called Iron Man VR where they will be bringing Tony Stark up and center in the virtual world. And finally, the studio has delivered the first trailer for us to take a look at. In Marvel’s Iron Man […]

Solve The VR Mystery In Curious Cases

Mystery games in VR is always quite interesting to play through. It provides a deeper level of immersion while being able to interact in virtual reality. And OnSkull Games is vibing off that riff with the release of Curious Cases. In Curious Cases, a scientist has gone missing, after claiming they made a groundbreaking discovery. […]

Join The Space Crew In Bow To Blood: Last Captain Standing

While we sit in anticipation of some terrific upcoming VR games, there’s a great VR title that has drawn our attention. We’d like to introduce you to Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing by Tribetoy. About Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing In Bow to Blood you will become a captain where you get to […]

Valve Index VR Headset Set To Take Pre-Orders On May 1 With Release Date In June

It’s coming sooner than anticipated. Valve will be taking pre-orders for the upcoming Index VR headset starting May 1st with shipping taking place some time in June. And that’s not all. Valve will also be releasing the Knuckles motion sensor controllers too during this time frame. According to some digging by a Wario64 on Twitter, […]