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It’s Time To Throw The Ball In ‘2MD: VR Football Evolution’

With all the sports around the world coming to a halt, we see a lot of fans grieving over not being able to watch their games on the big screen. But not to worry as Truant Pixel has just launched 2MD: VR Football Edition. This this new VR title you will be tasked with capturing […]

VRChat Becoming A Great Escape During Corona Virus

VRChat has become notorious for its memes and characters over the years with the creation of Ugandan Knuckles and the like. It had its massive popular phase but has simmered down over time. But with the Corona Virus quarantine in place, many people are finding this virtual world an escape for entertainment once again. Since […]

VR Games To Hold You Over During Corona Virus Quarantine

If you are one of the many who are currently self-quarantining and need a little enjoyment in life, look no further than these VR games listed below. We have created a list of fun VR games that can hold you down while the virus passes on. The list of VR games will be mixed between […]

Can You Last In The ‘Stocksynd House’?

CyberFlux Games has recently published a new VR title called Stockynd House. Stocksynd House is a virtual reality escape room game where you must make the dashing exit to save your life. And while you might have experienced many escape room games described in that manner, CyberFlux Games attempts to build this game around a […]

Become A Gifted Wizard In SpellPunk VR

Whenever you watch movies such as Harry Potter, you seem to get an urge to want to cast spells yourself. But since we don’t live in Hogwarts, Incineration Productions has decided to make SpellPunk VR where we can do that in the virtual world. SpellPunk is a first-person VR experience where you’ll be summoned in an […]

‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ Tells The Story Prior To ‘Alice In Wonderland’ In VR

Have you wondered what life might be like in Wonderland prior to Alice’s arrival? Well, Cortopia surely did as they have released Down the Rabbit Hole which tells exactly that story. In this VR adventure you follow a girl in search of her lost pet, Patches, that has wandered into Wonderland. Guide her as she […]

Half-Life: Alyx Review – The VR Game of 2020

Let’s back up a little bit in the timeline to where Half-Life originally started. From the dungeons in Washington, a resounding figure named Gabe Newell started a company in 1996 that we all know as Valve today. The company was created as a game studio and further became a digital distribution company. From there, the […]

GDC Summer Expo To Take Place In August

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the originally planned dates of GDC was forced to be postponed but the show management team has finally put together some dates to open GDC Summer. GDC Summer is set for August 4 – 6 this year in 2020 where it’ll take place at the Moscone Center in San […]