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Join Rubius In Virtual Hero VR

Virtual Hero VR is an immersive and gamified experience which is based around the original Movistar+ TV series called “Virtual Hero.” In partnership with Zeppelin TV, Grupo Planeta, and Snofokk, you will adventure in a story with Rubius who is the main character in the series and experience. For those unfamiliar with the series, Virtual […]

The Spy Who Shrunk Me Gets Full Release Including 2 New Missions

Back in 2018, Catland Ltd. announced that they would be launching a new game called “The Spy Who Shrunk Me” in VR. To their promise, they launched an early access version in March. But now with further development the studio has launched the full version of the game coming out of early access on Steam. […]

Arizona Sunshine Creators Look To Venture Forth With A New VR FPS Game Called After The Fall

Vertigo Games, the studio behind Arizona Sunshine, has announced that they are working on a new IP called After the Fall. This is a multiplayer VR FPS game that will take players into a hostile world with co-op gameplay at its core. “Arizona Sunshine was one of the first full-feature games developed exclusively for VR. […]

Is Shattered Lights The Scariest VR Game So Far?

Team Morbid has recently created a scary psychological horror-scale VR game called Shattered Lights. While there are many scary VR games out there the public is saying that it might be one of the scariest games they’ve played thus far. Shattered Lights is a roomscale based VR horror game which takes you on a journey […]

SpaceEngine Might Be The Most Accurate Universe Simulator In VR

Exploring space in VR is always a thrill. But what if we can explore the cosmos in the most accurate way possible? Well, that’s what Vladimir Romanyuk had in mind and has launched something called SpaceEngine for VR. SpaceEngine is stated as a 1:1 scale science-based Universe simulator, featuring billions upon billions of galaxies, nebulae, […]

A New Level Coming For ‘I Expect You To Die’ In VR

One of the leading virtual reality studios Schell Games has announced during E3 that the escape-the-room VR spy puzzle game “I Expect You To Die” will be launching a new level titled “Seat of Power” on July 16th. Seat of Power The great thing about this new level is that it will be a free […]

KAT Loco – World’s most Versatile VR Locomotion System

Throughout the years, virtual reality locomotion has been approached from many different angles, and it shouldn’t surprise us at all. Locomotion is one of the main pillars of modern VR experience next to vision and manual interactions. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to fully immerse ourselves into virtual world just like we wouldn’t be […]

What To Expect From Oculus At E3 2019

The 2019 E3 gaming convention is just right around the corner (June 11 – 13) and this year will again be another banger of content and news. Oculus has announced that they will be present at this year’s festival with the Facebook Gaming team where they will highlight some of the biggest upcoming IPs and […]