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Come Aboard The Steamliner In Space

We’re pretty used to unusual places in VR. Whether it’d be a train, a spacecraft, or the Rick & Morty house we’ve seen it all. But how about a train in space? Well, that’s exactly where you’re going to be in Steamliner by Diamond Studios. Steamliner is a VR Escape Room Adventure inside the carriages […]

‘Silicon Rising’ Takes On The Cyberpunk World In VR

Kukrgame has finally released an early access version of their new working VR title Silicon Rising. Immersed in a vivid cyberpunk-styled world, you’ll be getting an action packed FPS experience in VR. You’ll be tasked to fight deadly enemies while dodging gracefully through a storm of attacks. You’ll notice that the graphics are quite crisp […]

Stand Up To Your Customers In Counter Fight 4

Working a cafe is no easy task and that same mentality will apply in the virtual world through Counter Fight 4. This is a work simulation game where you become the owner of a coffee shop. Your tasked to serve up coffee, latte, and sandwiches to your unique customers who at times can be impatient. […]

Half-Life: Alyx Set For Release On March 23

Valve has finally set a release date for Half-Life: Alyx with the target being March 23. As we know, this will be one of the most anticipated VR games for 2020 as Half Life comes back to life. Just a few weeks ago, The HL: Alyx team came together to conduct an AMA where they […]

Ubisoft Set To Release ‘Prince Of Persia: Dagger Of Time’ VR Escape Room For On-Site Locations

Ubisoft has announced that they’ll be bringing Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time into their collection of VR escape rooms. The experience will allow up to four players to work together to solve puzzles and use the titular artifact’s powers to stop, rewind, or fast-forward time in the virtual world. Story Developed by Ubisoft […]

Abelana’s Atom Maker Takes Science Into Virtual Reality

Have you ever wondered what Bromine and Krypton mixed together would look like? Well, if you are as curious as I am you are in luck. Through the development by Abelena VR, Abelana’s Atom Maker allows you to experience science in the virtual world. In the experience you’ll be able to visualize atomic orbitals, navigate […]

Here’s What ‘Cradle Of Sins’ MOBA VR Game Will Offer

We are beginning to see development of more and more MOBA games on the VR platform. From the world creation to the characters, it’s becoming a draw for fans and gamers. This time, U24 Solutions looks to take a stab at a MOBA concept in VR called Cradle of Sins. Cradle of Sins is a […]

Detailed Information On What We Can Expect With Half-Life: Alyx

The Valve team has conducted an AMA session on Reddit and we were able to get some detailed answers about Half-Life: Alyx for VR. Below are some of the questions and answers that we have received from the post. Question by SterlingFM_ How are Barnacles a threat in VR? Do they pull the player upwards […]