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Kickstarter for Cyberpunk VR MMORPG Game ‘Zenith’ Is About To Create Waves

Ramen VR, an indie VR studio, has set out to create a very ambitious cyberpunk VR MMORPG game called Zenith. Inspired by anime and JRPG classics and reimagined as a dynamic living world with cross-play between VR platforms and PC, Zenith is set to create a futuristic universe in which players will fight, craft, explore, […]

UNIVRS Has Successfully Raised Crowdfunding For Little Witch Academia VR Game

UNIVRS has announced that they have successfully raised $47,000 in capital to launch a unique Little Witch Academia VR game experience. Back in June, the team announced that they would be launching a Kickstarter to back this initiative where they can hire the right people to develop this experience. Now with the campaign successfully funded, […]

What Does The ‘Crawling Of The Dead’ VR Game Have To Offer?

A new dungeon crawler VR game called “Crawling of the Dead” has just released in VR by the publisher Running Pillow. The game will place you into a deep dark dungeon where you will have to use your sword within the dark atmosphere. There are brutal enemies and secrets that you must discover. Using your […]

Until You Fall Gets Launch Date With New Gameplay Trailer

Earlier this year Schell Games announced a new upcoming VR game called Until You Fall which is the next big title being launched by the studio. The game is set to be a sword fighting melee game which is going to pit you against enemies set to destroy you. “We’re blending various styles of sword […]

Angry Birds VR Creators Announce Upcoming VR Game Called Acron

Update: Acron is set to launch on August 29, 2019. Resolution Games, creators of Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, announced that they’ll be launching a brand new VR title called Acron. This will be a multiplayer party game that will be both competitive and cooperative in nature for players across VR and mobile devices. […]

Learn & Practice On How To Fire Employees In Virtual Reality

interpersonal communication can be a tough thing in the professional workforce. As you climb the ladder and come into a position of power, you will have to make difficult situations such as firing your employees. So a company called Talespin has decided to create a VR simulation that will help you interact with their AI […]

Special Force VR: Infinity War Looks To Shake Up The FPS Market

Special Force was a first person shooter game that was originally released on PC in 2004 during the era when Counter-Strike was emerging. The game has been serviced for more than 15 years now with over 100 countries. Now it has made its way to virtual reality in 2019. Special Force VR: Infinity War is […]

Meet The New VR Battle Royale Game: The Last Player

Battle Royale is still one of the most popular genre in games for console, PC, and VR. They provide a sense of competition where you must be the last survivor or surviving team. And to create a more immersed experience of this genre, Skyline Games has decided to release their own version called The Last […]