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Solve The Mystery In Flavortown VR

Oh no! The Mayor of Flavortown has been murdered and you are the only hope in solving this crime. But the twist is that you are the prime suspect. Get ready to jump into this twisty mystery of Flavortown. After waking up from a hazy fever dream you’re apprehended by the Flavortown Spaghetti PD. To […]

YouTube VR Is Coming To Oculus Quest

YouTube is the go to video platform where we see Vloggers and content creators host their videos. This includes traditional content with 360 immersive content. And with the recent announcement of Oculus Quest, Google is looking to bring YouTube to the newest upcoming VR platform. Google said the following in regards to the launch of […]

Get Ready To Experience A New Chapter In Moss With Quill – Coming To Oculus Quest

Quill is one of the most lovable characters in VR and Polyarc delivered us a great story through Moss. And the story is not over. The studio announced that they will be expanding the story of Moss with a new chapter called Twilight Garden. On May 21, with the release of Oculus Quest, players will […]

The Walking Dead Onslaught Set To Be A True Zombie VR Game

Currently, the market is flooded with a variety of VR zombie games. it is actually one of the more popular genre themes within the virtual world. But this time, Survios (creators of Raw Data) wanted to take a stab at the genre in partnership with AMC with a title called The Walking Dead Onslaught. Story […]

Meet Mr. Hack Jack: Robot Detective

Solving crimes is always a fun experience in VR. but what if you can solve crimes in VR with some robot side kicks. Well, now you can with Mr. Hack Jack: Robot Detective by Donuts Co. Mr. Hack Jack: Robot Detective is a light-hearted take on detective stories set in a jazzy robot world. In […]

Check Out How NYPD Is Using VR To Train Their Officers

VR has been used in various applications to help our communities and government. This includes Oculus working with schools and companies creating active shooting simulations to inform educators. This time a company called Street Smarts VR has teamed up with the NYPD to help train police officers in active shooting simulations. In the video above […]

Pokemon Go Adds A Special Detective Pikachu Event For Mobile AR

Detective Pikachu is set to be the first live action movie from the hit Pokemon franchise. So the good folks at Nintendo and Niantic has decided to celebrate this event by releasing a special Detective Pikachu promotion in Pokemon Go. In this special event you will see the following in Pokemon Go: Increased encounters with […]

Enjoy This Year’s NHL Playoffs By Trying Out Hockey Player VR

The NHL Playoffs is well underway and what better way is there to enjoy hockey than actually playing the sport… in VR! Brosvision has recently launched an immersive hockey game called Hockey Player VR that allows you to play the sport in first person view. In the game you will develop your own tactics and […]