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SDCC 2019 – Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time TARDIS Coming To VR

Oculus alongside BBC Studios have announced that they will be bringing a cinematic, feature-length Doctor Who VR game title to San Diego Comic-Con. For fans of the franchise, you can actually check out the experience Doctor Who: The Edge of Time at the BBC America Booth (#4129). In the experience, you will be able to […]

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals On VR Headsets

Amazon Prime Day 2019 has finally arrived and there are some special deals going on right now for VR headsets. Let’s take a look at some of these deals. PlayStation VR Bundle – $237 This PlayStation VR bundle includes the headset plus Astro Bot and Moss VR games. Moss is an action-adventure puzzle game tailor-made […]

Become The Warrior You Were Meant To Be In Ninja Legends

It’s always a fun time becoming a ninja and there’s no better place to take on the role of the assassin than in VR. Luckily for us, Conflip Studios has released a new VR title called Ninja Legends where you get to transform into a silent assassin. As the lore goes… if he attains the […]

Review Of Defector: Its Like Being The Main Character Of A Mission Impossible Movie

Defector has been a VR game that’s been receiving a lot of hype prior to release. From its teasers to a quick demo, you could feel the impact it was going to have within the VR community. Now it has finally made its public release and here are our thoughts and reviews of the game. […]

Things Get A Little Rowdy In Hotel R’n’R In VR

What is it like to live a rock’n’roll life? Well, get ready to find out in Hotel R’n’R by Wolf & Wood Interactive. About Hotel R’n’R In this game you will take on a life of a failed musician who has to make a deal with the devil. You will receive musical talent, infamy and […]

ROGAN: The Thief In The Castle Looks To Be A Very Interesting VR Game Experience

Update: Rogan: The Thief In The Castle is now available on Steam for VR users. There’s a plethora of updates that have been added to fix the issues many users have been facing. This includes: – Removed white screen that appears at non-playable area.– Hood can be turned OFF by ” Option ” in main […]

What Is Trial by Teng: A Twilight Path Adventure About

Charm Games, creators of Form and Twilight Path has recently announced that they are working on a new VR title called Trial by Teng: A Twilight Path Adventure. What the game is about In the game you’ll find yourself trapped in the Realm of the Dead and separated from your travelling companions. So in order […]

This Is What Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War In VR Is All About

Space adventures and missions are always fun to play and explore. Light Studio has launched a VR title within the space sci-fi genre called Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War. In Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War you will play the role of Deputy Commander in the ‘Unearthing Mars’ mission, trying to unravel the secrets […]